Game by game predictive tale of the Dallas Cowboys 2020 season

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals vs Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Week 14: Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals

Having to deal with a raven onslaught is very difficult, but how one responds to that is what football people call “adversity.” In pursuit of some answers and revenge, the Cowboys headed back to the midwest but stopped along the way because of an interesting tiger’s den. Inside the den was a burrow named after some guy named Joe and it looked like it was freshly dug. With only one tiger standing outside the burrow, the Cowboys decided to play around with the tiger.

One by one, tigers jumped out of the hole and it seemed similar to the previous week that the staff was being ambushed by another animal, this time a mammal. However, the Cowboys were able to hold off the many tigers that appeared because most were fairly young and inexperienced at protecting their territory.

After some fun time in Cincinnati, the decision to make their way home after learning how to deal with animals.

Dallas 34, Cincinnati 17

Week 15: San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys returned to town not looking for trouble but outside their building stood a group of people with pickaxes and hard helmets. After an exchange with the individuals, the Cowboys learned the people were a group of gold miners looking to start an operation in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Lead miner, Kyle Shanahan refused to allow chief McCarthy and assistant Moore any entrance into the facility. This did not sit well with Captain Lawrence. The last thing Captain Lawrence wanted was for someone to disrupt the natural flow of the community. It wasn’t very “Hot Boy” like to condone such activities.

Both teams elected to go after one another right in front of the Cowboys facility and it was quite intense. Sheriff Prescott’s sidearm held true even under heavy duress and he was successfully able to complete task after task with deputies Cooper and Gallup.

The gold miners tried to retaliate but lead miner Jimmy Garoppolo was ineffective in the use of his arm to drill holes to trap the Cowboys. In the end, the Cowboys on horseback were able to get past the miners on foot.

San Francisco 21, Dallas 27

Week 16: Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas Cowboys

Sheriff Prescott was taking a nap in the office when he suddenly woke up. He ran outside to the stables where only one horse was left. Shocked, he got on and galloped in search of all the other horses. Just outside the office, a great battle was taking place. A battle that would go down in the history books for sheriff Prescott to tell his grandchildren.

The eagles had finally come to the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area to exact revenge for the accident that occurred in Philadelphia. It seemed at the time the number of eagles balanced out the number of Cowboys on horseback, however, with sheriff Prescott now ready for battle, the balance was subject to change in a major way.

Prescott grabbed his rope, twirled a lasso, and threw it to the lamb. The lamb caught it and tied up the Eagle. The lassos kept coming and the deputies were catching alleviating the stress the eagles had put on the rest of the team. Alas, it seems the eagles have no choice but to surrender.

Surrender they did as they headed back to their home hoping the next time the two parties met, the Cowboys would have a weaker core.

Dallas: 30 Philadelphia: 27

Week 17: Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants

The Cowboys felt incomplete amidst all the winning. They had won three straight skirmishes and were looking for one more. They traveled east once more in hopes that their great expedition in the year of our lord 2020 would be complete. While traversing through New York, they knew where they needed to finish.

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Knowing the final battle place would be in New Jersey, the group headed towards the border. Waiting for them was chief Judge’s giant men. Sheriff Prescott got the first strike but quickly backed out as he felt his sidearm had been overused after the last three victories. Now it was time for sheriff Andy Dalton to take the reins. With deputies Elliott, Cooper, and Gallup by his side, it seemed like the Cowboys offense had not lost a step.

The speed and efficiency with which the Cowboys offense attacked were too much for the physical giant men to handle. This victory completed a season-long expedition and the chief and his crew could return to Dallas as the victors they hoped to be.

Dallas 44, New York 20

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Season schedules are always a fun time because each team has an off-season to reload on talent and to heal their injuries. For the Cowboys, this season schedule release was the start of a new beginning. People love to overreact and so did I, not only with the children’s story writeup but with a projected 12-4 record.