Dallas Cowboys: 5 Most concerning positions heading into 2020

Anthony Brown #30 of Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Anthony Brown #30 of Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys’ Concern No 5: OC

As we just discussed this week, the Dallas Cowboys offense is a thing of beauty heading into the 2020 season and all units look relatively stacked. Even the depth on the offense looks stellar. But there’s one position that stands out as a concern: center.

Travis Frederick’s retirement left a hole in the middle of the offensive line. As the shot-caller of the unit, center is responsible for blocking assignments and getting everyone in the right place before the snap. His replacement doesn’t have to just fill his shoes through physical play, but he must fill his helmet with intellect.

Like most of the positions discussed earlier, there are plenty of tantalizing prospects available to win the role and alleviate concern. Rookie Tyler Biadasz and second-year man Connor McGovern are two of those. In case they don’t work out, the Dallas Cowboys have veteran Joe Looney standing by as an insurance policy.

The Cowboys are in good position to handle the loss of Fredbeard but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned. The offense runs on strong O-line play and without it, the running game, passing game, and scoring ability all go in the toilet.

The stakes are high and the options are unproven (except Looney but I don’t think anyone wants Looney to win the job).

Please Stand By

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All we can do now is sit and wait patiently for training camp to get here. If Tyler Biadasz looks healthy and up-to-speed, we should feel much better about center. If Trevon Diggs looks strong against Dallas’ top-3 WRs, we should feel better about him potentially being CB1 in Week 1. If Randy Gregory gets reinstated and Aldon Smith proves he still has it in practice, we should feel much better about RDE. If any of the safeties flash and Chido becomes and in-the-box playmaker we should feel safer about safety. And if Jaylon is attacking more in his new role while LVE comes back healthy and strong, we should feel much better about LB heading in to the season.

It’s safe to say there will be plenty to look for when training camp finally roles around.

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The Dallas Cowboys have a lot to be excited about this season but there’s also plenty of concerns. Luckily they have possible solutions to all of those concerns but there’s going to need more luck for it all to work out in the best case scenario.