Dallas Cowboys: History suggests QB Ben DiNucci will make the team

Ben DiNucci #6 (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Ben DiNucci #6 (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

History suggests the Dallas Cowboys will keep Ben DiNucci (QB3) on the roster this season

The Dallas Cowboys usually aren’t overly eager to keep a third quarterback on the final 53-man roster. Since the sturdily built Dak Prescott took the helm, the Cowboys have been even less inclined to roster a QB3. But this year that may change.

When the Dallas Cowboys selected quarterback Ben DiNucci with their last pick in the draft, fans, draftniks, and analysts alike scratched their heads. The relatively unknown signal caller from James Madison seemed like a long-shot from the jump.

Add in the fact the Dallas Cowboys rarely keep a third quarterback and it’s easy to write Ben DiNucci off as nothing more than a practice squad project player. But upon deeper reflection that may not be the case at all. That’s because historically speaking, new Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy likes to employ three QBs on his roster.

Dallas Cowboys QB, Ben DiNucci

Let’s be honest. We don’t know what we have in Ben DiNucci so simply declaring him the QB3 and a player worthy of a roster spot is extremely premature. He’s going to have to beat out 2019 fifth round draft pick Clayton Thorson, and that’s far from a given.

What we’re really talking about here is why the Dallas Cowboys are likely to keep a third QB on the roster. We’re going to use Ben DiNucci as the name because he’s the player who was personally picked out by QB guru Mike McCarthy in the draft.

All self-proclaimed QB gurus take pride in their ability to acquire and develop talent. Anybody can win with Aaron Rodgers or even Dak Prescott, but to seemingly create something out of nothing is what separates the real QB gurus from the wannabes. You can bet Mike McCarthy is determined to groom an unheralded signal caller at some point, it might as well be with Ben DiNucci, a guy who he picked out this year.

Not only does Mike McCarthy’s track record in Green Bay indicate he’s going to keep a third QB on the roster, but he’s on record not too long ago lobbying for a QB4.

"“There should be a fourth [quarterback] there,” McCarthy said in 2018. “I mean think about it, why doesn’t every team have a minimum of four quarterbacks? That’s where I hope the game goes.”"

Mike McCarthy values the QB position more than your average coach. He knows that NFL QB is the single most important position in sports and without a decent one under center, the Dallas Cowboys have virtually no chance at postseason success.

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This philosophy explains the Cowboys departure from the norm at QB2. Andy Dalton is easily the best back-up QB the franchise has employed in quite some time. He’s head and shoulders above Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and even Kyle Orton.  Dalton’s not here in case Dak Prescott holds out (because no one believes Dak will actually hold out), but rather in case Dak Prescott falls to injury. The QB position is too important not to have someone.

That’s the same reason the grooming process has begun at QB3. Dalton is only in Dallas on a one-year deal. He’s going to seek a starting role somewhere next season. DiNucci could be his low cost replacement if he’s given enough opportunities and proper attention this season.

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It’s apparent Mike McCarthy values all levels of QB play on his depth chart. It’s not a position group he takes lightly. The Dallas Cowboys are going to keep a QB3 on their roster this season and Ben DiNucci has a good shot at being that man.

  • Published on 06/04/2020 at 11:01 AM
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