Texas Rangers Draft: Assessing potential and timelines for each pick

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Texas Rangers Draft Pick 3

86th overall: Tekoah Roby

RHP, Pine Forest HS (FL)

Roby was the first pitcher taken by the Texas Rangers, with their third round pick. He is scouted as a player with a good three-pitch mix, and has an above average fastball and curveball to go with his above average control.

Roby is considered to have to potential to become a future middle to back of the starting pitching rotation, as he has a low 90’s fastball that sinks well, and has a good curveball.

What he needs to work on in the minors is polishing off both of those pitches, and developing an average third pitch (maybe his changeup), and probably add a serviceable fourth pitch to his arsenal if he is going to become a starter at the MLB level.

A former Texas Ranger that comes to mind as a comparison to him is Martin Perez, as Perez had a fastball with sinking action and a solid off-speed pitch. Hopefully Roby will not be a headcase like Perez was, but can possess the same pitch arsenal with some confidence.

Debut Projection: 2026

Roby has a ways to go before he will get the chance to pitch in the majors. He has to make sure to continue to develop his fastball and curveball along the way to even be considered for a call-up, and if those are the only two pitches that develop, it would likely mean he would be converted into a reliever at some point. The key for Roby is to develop three to four pitches that he can use, as that should likely lead to his debut in 2026.