Dallas Cowboys trading for Jamal Adams: Don’t Hold Your Breath

If you’re hoping a deal is going to be struck between Jamal Adams and the Dallas Cowboys…

Before I start, let me be clear in saying, it is possible Jamal Adams could be on the Dallas Cowboys roster this season. Let also be clear adding, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen.

We have all heard the rumors the past six months. We have heard what Jamal Adams wants, we have even heard the Dallas Cowboys made an offer at one point. But, truth be told, the Jets still hold all the cards and that greatly reduces the chances of this ever coming to fruition.

A few months ago it was leaked the Dallas Cowboys had made an offer, albeit not enough, for Jamal Adams. The Jets stuck to a huge asking price and refused to budge. The Jets felt the leak came from the Cowboys to try to sway the negotiations. Whether that is true or not, it is the perception and it affects the potential of a trade now.

we must keep in mind, the Jets don’t have to do anything at all. They still control Adams for two years which means Adams won’t hit free agency until 2022.

The Jets could be petty and just not deal with the Cowboys, or at the very least, ask more from them than any other team. There is plenty more to it, but just on the surface, that is very possible. Even if the Cowboys made a huge offer, there are more than enough reasons the Jets may not do a deal.

First, we must keep in mind, the Jets don’t have to do anything at all. They still control Adams for two years, which means Adams won’t hit free agency until 2022. The Jets don’t have to make any moves and can wait for an offer they love. They have said they have no real intention of moving him, at least that is what ESPN, SI, and SNY have all reported through sources.

Say the Jets don’t trade Adams, which if the rumors are true, could very well be the case. If Adams wants to hold out then his contract this year just moves down the line and the Jets still hold the contract. Even if he holds out this or next year, the Jets can still fine him up to $40k a day. With the way the Jets have been acting, they seem like they would.

Even if the Jets wanted to trade Adams, all the reports are he wants an extension. Now the numbers have been all over the place, but one thing for sure is he wants to be the highest paid safety. Eddie Jackson of the Bears is making about $14.6 a year and Kevin Byard of the Titans is making about $14.1. Which would mean at the least Adams would be in the $15M a year range. A huge price tag that not a lot of teams have or will want to spend.

Before we get to the extension, what would the Cowboys have to give up to even get him? Well, reports have been the Jets want a 1st and a 3rd. There has even been talk of a starting offensive lineman or wide receiver. The picks alone are a fairly steep price, but a playing of someone like Martin (rumors are that is who the Jets asked for) is not worth it.

So, the Jets still hold all the cards in this deal. They have two years to figure out what they want to do and how they want to do it. They could easily play the long game, wait to see if someone offers something they can’t say no to. Until then, they can wait and see. They seem to want to hold onto Adams and will do what they can for as long as they can to make sure they do.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting Adams to be a Cowboy for the 2020 season, if there even is one. The power doesn’t really flip until next season for Adams. The Jets can absolutely wait and see and they probably will. Regardless what Jamal Adams wants and regardless of what the Dallas Cowboys and their fans want, the Jets will do what they want as they want.

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