Dallas Mavericks need extra protection for Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis

Luka Doncic #77 of the Dallas Mavericks and Kristaps Porzingis (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Luka Doncic #77 of the Dallas Mavericks and Kristaps Porzingis (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

The more we learn about the “bubble city” the more it seems the Dallas Mavericks should take extra precautions with Luka and KP.

NBA basketball is about to be back and Dallas Mavericks are about to embark on a Disney voyage that will lock the majority of NBA teams up in quarantine. The voluntary house arrest is designed to keep players safe from the rapidly spreading pandemic and ensure pro basketball to fans everywhere who are starved for this lifeblood.

But the closer we look, the more we realize this isn’t quite as quarantine-ey as advertised. And recent discussions between the Athletic and NBA GMs indicate there’s multiple breaks in the bubble that stand to threaten health of the league. The Dallas Mavericks should take notice because it behooves them to apply extra precautions to their two superstars.

It’s not a bubble city

Let’s call it the bubble city that wasn’t…isn’t…ain’t. Whatever. The point is when the NBA resumes play in Orlando it’s not going to be in a certifiable “bubble city” like many of us were lead to believe. A bubble city indicates there are no breaches in or out of the bubble. But as we’ve learned, that will not be the case when the NBA season resumes.

Players and team personnel will be locked up, that’s for sure. The NBA is even offering rewards for ratting out any peers who act above the law and put others at risk. So while that helps ensure the NBA doesn’t bring something in, it doesn’t protect them from others bringing something in.

Support staff for the “bubble” will be coming and going. They are expected to socially distance but I think we all know that doesn’t always get executed perfectly – even by the most vigilant of folks.

To make matters worse, that support staff is residing in a COVID hotspot, increasing their chances of infection themselves. The idea that a house keeper picks it up at home and carries it into the bubble isn’t far-fetched. And given the expected living conditions, an outbreak in the bubble could spread like wildfire, even with daily testing.

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For the Dallas Mavericks this should encourage them to take extra precaution with their top two stars, Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. As with most teams in the playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks will only go as far as their stars (Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis) take them. They need to find a way to insulate their roster from the rest of the league and maybe even each other.

They could diversify their risk and split the team in two – Luka in one group and KP on the other. Or they could bubble in the just the starters. Or maybe even just the big two. Many ways to go about doing it but whatever happens, letting the entire team mingle with general population sound like a gamble.

Luke Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis are too important to lose and a positive test once players report to Orlando would likely end their season and doom the Dallas Mavericks.

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The latest GM poll has indicated there are breaches in the bubble that threaten the health and safety of those inside.  It may be wise for the Dallas Mavericks to take some extra precautions with, at the very least, their two more irreplaceable players. Just in case.

  • Published on 06/26/2020 at 16:01 PM
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