Dallas Mavericks: 2020 a huge opportunity for Luka Doncic to recruit

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Close quarters make 2020 a great opportunity for Luka Doncic to recruit future acquisitions for the Dallas Mavericks

The season is about to restart and for NBA teams like the Dallas Mavericks, it will be under some pretty interesting circumstances. By now you’ve heard all about the” bubble city” in Orlando (that really isn’t a bubble because it will be breached by support staff daily).

And you’ve probably seen the schedule for the short regular season warm up to the playoffs. We’ve seen players return to practice and outlines of the daily routine most players will go through while locked down in Orlando.

While the precautions seem necessary, they aren’t exactly celebrated as equal to or better than a normal pre-corona postseason. Social circles will now consist of players and their families basically ensuring players will interact with each other more now than previously. And in a weird way that could be a very good thing for Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks

That’s because Luka will have closer access to what he otherwise wouldn’t – his peers. Life can be isolating for a euro playing in the NBA. Players from overseas aren’t always as relatable than the born-and-raised variety. That impacts their ability for forge relationships with their American peers.

But playing together in a bubble will, in sense, ‘force’ players of all different backgrounds to be around each other daily. This will allow Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis the opportunity to interact with players they otherwise wouldn’t.

That’s important because the NBA is a player-driven league. Star players make more from endorsements deals than they do by playing the game. This allows them to move on from their original teams without suffering massive financial consequences.  We see it every year these days – players moving on to greener pastures. Grouping up with friends and colleagues and pursuing goals together.

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For years the Dallas Mavericks have struggled in bringing in outside talent. Year after year they’ve failed in their pursuit of free agent superstars. Despite Dirk Nowitzki being one of the most likeable players in NBA history, he never had a great opportunity to build friendships outside of the team. The hurdles he overcame culturally are well documented. And while it’s better for euro players today than it was when Dirk first came to the Dallas Mavericks, there’s still that relatability factor to overcome.

2020 is a great opportunity for Luka and KP to “court” future free agents while everyone’s trapped inside the bubble. And that’s important to do since free agency next summer features one of the biggest free agent classes in recent memory.

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The final verse of the 2019-2020 NBA season is about to begin and it provides players like Luka Doncic a spectacular opportunity to recruit for the Dallas Mavericks.

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