Dallas Cowboys: The monumental impact of the coaching staff

Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates head coach Mike McCarthy (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys congratulates head coach Mike McCarthy (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images) /

Instead of focusing on all things Dak, let’s shift our attention to the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff

Over the next day or so, almost all of the conversation surrounding the Dallas Cowboys will be about Dak Prescott and the contract negotiations. Whether they get done, don’t get done, all of the details will be spoken about ad nauseam. Instead, what we do know is Dak will be the quarterback for 2020, regardless of a new contract or just the franchise tag. Let’s talk something else.

One of the biggest problems of the last 10 years with the Dallas Cowboys has been the coaching, and not the quarterback play. Sure, there were the Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel times, but the Cowboys have been lucky to have Tony Romo and then Dak Prescott, most teams struggle to get one starting quality quarterback, much less two, in over a decade.

What really needs to be talked about is how bad the defenses, special teams, and play-calling have been and why changes could be a huge boost to the team as a whole. We have talked about Mike McCarthy and his potential impact to the team, but not enough people have realized how large of an issue these things have been.

(All rankings below are from Football Outsiders, they use a more analytical approach)

Let’s start with special teams, as an example. In the last ten years the Cowboys have ranked in the top 10 in special teams only three times. For some perspective the Chiefs have been in the top 10, seven straight years. Last season was one of the worst years in the last ten, the Cowboys were not consistent at all.

So, what about defense? Well here the Cowboys were more consistent, except in the wrong ways. Only once were the Cowboys in the top 10 in defense in the last ten years, and really, only once in the top 12. Another under-performing unit for a team that has been pretty solid on offense, or have they?

Looking at offense the last four years have been really good. Three of the four years the Cowboys were a top ten team on offense. Prior to 2016, the Cowboys were only a top 10 team once, but did tend to hang around the top 12. A better performance than the other two phases of football.

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What the data shows is that the Cowboys have not been an efficient team in any of the phases of football since Jason Garrett was the head coach. For all of the talk of being good in all three phases, the one thing the Cowboys have not been in what Jason Garrett had preached. A change in coaching is something the Cowboys have needed to do for a while.

Regardless of what happens with Dak over the next two days, is a moot point. The team should be better as a whole, just because of a new head coach. Add in the fact that the quarterback has been one of the most efficient quarterbacks since coming into the league, and the Cowboys should instantly look and be better in 2020.

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In two days time, the Dallas Cowboys will have made news by either extending Dak Prescott or not extending him. However, the real conversation is how much better the Cowboys can and should be with a new head coach. Dak makes the offense good, a more consistent and viable head coach should make the rest of the team better too.

  • Published on 07/14/2020 at 16:01 PM
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