Dallas Cowboys: Why Cancelling Preseason Games is a Problem

Tyler Biadasz #61 (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Tyler Biadasz #61 (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

With the NFL proposing zero preseason games, there are some Dallas Cowboys’ players who this hurts more than others.

The NFL approached the player’s association with a proposal to not have preseason games, there are a few Dallas Cowboys this could hurt. There is no way the NFL will allow extended rosters as the money for extra players would be an issue to both owners and other players.

On the surface it affects younger players more than veterans, however, we have seen young players shine in training camp, but not do well in preseason games. Without the games, some players will certainly be affected one way or another.

Just looking at the draft class, the first two names that come to mind are Bradlee Anae and Tyler Biadasz. Anae has a lot of raw talent, but with so much money tied up in players coaches are familiar with, Anae could be on the outside looking in. Biadasz is in the same boat, and without coaches seeing them in game action outside of the Cowboys they could go with what is familiar.

Reggie Robinson is in a weaker position group so he might have a better chance to impress or hold onto a slot, strictly playing the numbers game. Some position groups are thinner than others on the surface, so it is quite possible that the Cowboys could go deeper at those positions just to keep number up. Corner, safety, linebacker, and tight end would be the positions off the top of my head that need the depth.

However, the counter could be true on the rookies. The Cowboys could look to save money and if a young rookie impresses in camp without any game tape they could believe he is going to be better than a veteran who may not be taking camp as seriously. Game film matters, even if it is in preseason.

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The coaches will have their work cut out for them. There may have to be more internal scrimmages, but battling your own team day in and day out does tend to have you learn trends and styles. Bradlee Anae may look great the 50th time he faces La’el Collins, will he be great when he gets across another tackle from another team with a different offensive scheme, blocking scheme, and play recognition? Who knows, but the coaches will have to make the best guess they can.

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This especially hurts the new coaching staff as well. They have not seen many of these players outside of tape of their old scheme and under the old coaches. Without being able to get into camp early (which is the norm for new coaching staffs), this impedes the evaluation process. Zero preseason games changes the whole dynamic of the off-season.

We will have to see how the NFL and the NFLPA handle this situation. The NFL is trying to get football this season, while the players want to be safe. This is an unprecedented times and there is probably no right answer. Without preseason games there will be ripple effects.

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