Dallas Cowboys Final Roster Projection: No Preseason – Fallout (August)

Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /
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The NFL has cancelled the preseason so the Dallas Cowboys must craft a roster without games

The NFL and NFLPA have agreed to cancel the preseason exhibition games for the 2020 NFL season. While completely understandable given the current pandemic, it will inevitably have ramifications on the Dallas Cowboys final roster.

Without preseason games, Dallas Cowboys rookies will have to earn their stripes in practice. The shortened training camp and limited contact allowed in camp is going to make it harder than ever before for unproven players.

Proven veterans will likely get the benefit of the doubt and unproven rookies will have to shine considerably in order to dispel any fears or doubts the coaching staff may have concerning their readiness.

As such, players we projected before the preseason’s cancellation may not be afforded the opportunity now in the current climate. And instead of giving the best player the job in Week 1, the Dallas Cowboys may opt for the safest player.

While the NFL has expanded game day rosters to 55 players, we’re going to stick to 53 (like we have been doing) because the extra two spots are expected to be a revolving door and not a permanent addition (it’s expanded for game days).

Let’s get started!

Dallas Cowboys Special Teams (3)

Greg Zuerlein, Chris Jones, L.P. Ladouceur

Barring injury this seems pretty solid right now. Greg ‘the leg” Zuerlein is a former player for John Fassel and as such, he’s trusted more than Kai Forbath. Trust is paramount on special teams and the Dallas Cowboys need to make big strides in 2020 (*update: Kia was cut).

Speaking of trust, L.P.  comes back for his 75th season with the Cowboys and we couldn’t be happier. The always-perfect long-snapper is a model of consistency and a blessing to an inconsistent unit. Chris Jones, on the other hand, is not so trustworthy.

The Dallas Cowboys punter has been in decline the past two seasons and given his age, may not be able to rebound. Dallas appears to be blaming injury for his decline and has yet to bring in a viable challenger. It will be interesting to monitor the punter situation this season because he seems to be hanging on by a thread and if he can’t produce early, the new coaching staff should have no problem showing him the door.

Remaining roster spots: 50