Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy delivered his best news yet

Mike McCarthy of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Mike McCarthy of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

In Mike McCarthy’s presser he revealed something very important to Dallas Cowboys fans

Mike McCarthy has come to the Dallas Cowboys under some pretty mysterious circumstances. It’s not often a head coach with a Lombardi Trophy on his resume under goes a philosophical rebirth but that’s exactly what McCarthy did in his year-long hiatus from the league.

In his well-documented year away, McCarthy hunkered down, he collected his top aids, and he reassessed the state of the NFL. He walked away from the experience a new man. An invigorated man. A man who saw the direction the league was going and how it was getting there.

McCarthy considered things he otherwise would not have if he hadn’t had been unceremoniously dismissed as coach of the Packers. As such, he came to the Dallas Cowboys with an open mind and a new strategy previously unseen. He even did the unimaginable – he kept on offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and he not only intends to collaborate with him, but even plans to let him call games.

The 2020 Mike McCarthy is like no McCarthy we’ve seen before. And that’s a very good thing…as long as it’s true.

In Friday’s presser, McCarthy said something that was very telling.

Sure, he spoke of Dak Prescott and his mindset after an unfruitful offseason contract negotiation. Yes, he spoke of the hurdles he has to clear as a first year coach in the age of COVID-19. And he even discussed the all-important conversation of Chidobe Awuzie playing safety and how he values position flex in many areas of the team.

All of that was important. All of it was interesting. But one thing stands out as the most important and the most noteworthy – his willingness to learn and grow.

Said McCarthy,

"“I’ll just say that the individual that’s had to learn the most has been myself.”"

Typically when a pedigreed coach walks into a building he brings his scheme, his mindset, his blueprint, and his culture with him. He hires “his guys” and implements all the things that has given him success. Look back to when Bill Parcells came to Valley Ranch. It was Bill’s way or the highway, right?

Parcells didn’t learn the scheme and terminology of the Dallas Cowboys. He taught the Dallas Cowboys his. That’s pretty standard too.

But McCarthy is staying true to his word. He’s taking the time to learn and grow. He’s implementing his terminology but he’s also learning the Cowboys’. He’s taking information from Joe Philbin (O-line and master of the running game) and Kellen Moore (passing game boy genius).

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In doing so, he’s staying true to his word. This is important because it validates other things he promised he was now embracing: analytics in decision making, motion and formation, deception with position groups, and play-action.

All of those are absolutely vital to the success of the team and all now seem to be legitimate promises rather than just lip-service. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if McCarthy is the coach he was with the Packers, the Cowboys are in trouble. But if he actually does all things he said he said was going to, he could be a brilliant coach for Dallas.

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The fact that he’s delivering on his promises and learning new things says a lot about how he’s embracing the other items he said he was going to. Mike McCarthy has delivered his best news yet.

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