Great News! Dallas Cowboys are creating bubble for players

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The Dallas Cowboys have created a bubble for their players to stay at for training camp.

The Dallas Cowboys have created a bubble for players as they arrive to camp. The players have the opportunity to stay at the Omni Hotel. The expenses will be covered by the team if the players choose to stay in the hotel.

The Omni Hotel is walking distance to the Cowboys indoor facility. This makes it convenient for the players and coaches. This also shows the NFL that the Cowboys are taking the right steps to make sure that their players are safe. The bubble could be something that we see a lot of the NFL teams do. This is something that should be done by all NFL teams.

The Cowboys are ahead of the game when it comes to offering a place for their players to stay for their training camp. We could potentially see the NFL take the same route that the NBA has taken. The NFL could potentially make it mandatory for players to stay in a private area that separates them from each other off the field. It will be harder for the NFL to house their players due to the amount of players on each team. It was easier for the NBA because the NBA team usually carries about 12 players.

Jerry Jones is going about this the right way. He is keeping his players safe by offering them a place to stay close to the practice facility. This keeps the players close and avoids the exposure of the coronavirus. We all know that it does not fully avoid the virus from happening, but it controls it. The NFL season seems to be on pace to start on time, but none of us know what tomorrow brings. This is why it is so important that NFL Franchises to offer this bubble type housing for their players.

The Dallas Cowboys are giving their players the option to use the housing, but we could potentially see it become mandatory for the players to use it. The UFC and NBA have shown that it is possible for professional sports to happen. The UFC has created fight island which seems to be successful and the NBA has the Bubble down in Florida that has been a success. The question is will the NFL create their own bubble in an area where the virus has not impacted individuals.

If they cannot find an area that can house all the players in the NFL then players could have a bubble housing for the season. We could also see no fans at the games. The NBA and UFC have shown that it isn’t always a bad thing not having fans. It protects the players when it comes to exposure to the virus. The Cowboys taking the initiative to protecting players and their families speaks volumes when it comes to professional sports.

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Sometimes as fans we don’t look at the bigger picture. We get caught up in the fact that there is a possibility of no football. Football is very important to people and it is something that everyone enjoys watching, but these athletes have families to go home to and if this virus shuts down the season we have to accept that.

This is why it is important for the NFL to make sure that they have everything handled before going ahead with the season. We see in college sports that a lot of schools and conferences are postponing the season until the spring. This is another option for the NFL. The Cowboys have paved the way for all the other franchises to follow down to make sure that the season happens.

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Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are showing that their players are important to them. The health and well being of their families is important to them. It shows the country that no matter how much individuals dislike the Cowboys they have to respect that they are putting their players first.

  • Published on 08/12/2020 at 12:14 PM
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