Dallas Cowboys Final 53-man Roster Prediction (2020 Mid-camp Edition)

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Dallas Cowboys Linebackers

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Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch, Sean Lee, Francis Bernard, Joe Thomas, Luke Gifford

The first four seem pretty safe. LVE and Jaylon have been ballin in their new spots. Lee is a vet whose value is more than just on-the-field. And Bernard is a training camp standout who already stamped his ticket.

Joe Thomas is a coverage specialist who provides excellent depth across the board, and Luke Gifford is a nice project player with some special teams value. Gifford may get bumped for a better special teamer like Justin March so his spot is tenuous at best.

Roster Spots Used: 53/53

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There’s still time for this to change and some players have yet to even get on the field. But as of now, this is what the final roster should look like. At face value, keeping seven CBs looks crazy as does just keeping two RBs and no true FB. But you’ll notice, there’s tremendous position flex and overlap between TE and FB as well as CB and SAF. And keeping 10 players in the secondary and six players between TE and RB is fairly standard.

In just a few days Cowboys Camp will be over and the final roster will be set. But even then it won’t be final. Between the 2-man game day additions and injuries, there’s going to be extra roster churn this season. The bottom of the roster will be fluid and the Dallas Cowboys need to find a way to secure the best players.

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Let’s see what the final practices bring but the name of the game is to keep the best players possible and try to make the system work around them. That’s what we aimed to do today on this second-to-last Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster projection.