5 Standouts from the Dallas Cowboys Blue and White Scrimmage

Amari Cooper #19 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Amari Cooper #19 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

These five Dallas Cowboys stood out above the rest in Sunday’s Blue White Scrimmage

Football is finally here. Sure, the Dallas Cowboys opened training camp weeks ago, but without a corresponding preseason and a camp open to the public, none of us have actually been able to experience live football…until now that is.

Dallas Cowboys training camp has been about as transparent as a winter jacket. The number of media members allowed to attend is vastly reduced this year, and those that can get in the door, are censored more than a North Korean newscast.

So by the time yesterday’s scrimmage went down, fans were more than just thirsty for football, they were dying in the dessert for uncompromised and uncensored football nuggets. On a day when the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars were playing for their postseason lives, it was the Dallas Cowboys dominating the attention of most of DFW (although, I contend one needn’t choose).

So what did we see from Sunday’s first look at live and competitive action?

Not much. Not only did the Dallas Cowboys remove names and numbers from jerseys, but they also cut away to the sideline whenever it looked like football might actually happen. The football we did get was usually zoomed in so close it was impossible to see what was happening.

So based on cutaways, clips, and reading between the lines, here are 5 standouts from Cowboys Night.

Standout No. 1: Dak Prescott – Dak delivered passes and players caught them. Beyond that, it’s tough to tell what exactly was going on. But since the most important part of a football game is getting the ball into the hands of the receivers (Consistently the highest value plays each week), then this is a very good thing to see. He was especially impressive during the 2:00 minute offense, driving the length and walking away with seven.

Standout No. 2: CeeDee Lamb – CeeDee Lamb has looked like the most talented player on the Dallas Cowboys since Day 1. Not just of the WRs but of the entire team. Granted, receiver is the easiest position in which to “flash”, but still, Lamb looks like a generational athlete who is going to make half of the league regret passing on him in the draft.

Standout No. 3: Aldon Smith – with the terribleness at tackle, it’s hard to fairly evaluate any edge rusher. Both starters have been out and even the backups have been MIA on most snaps.  But from what we’ve seen from Aldon Smith, it looks like he’s for real. Smith logged two sacks on Sunday, keeping pace with DeMarcus Lawrence (who also appeared to snag two sacks). If you can perform as good as D-Law, then you’re doing good.

Standout No. 4: Amari Cooper’s Mutton Chops – Amari Cooper didn’t do much on the field but his big beautiful sideburns sure made some noise. His version of COVID-Beard is a sight to behold and hopefully carries into the regular season.

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Standout No. 5: Jerry Jones’ ability to market anything – It’s safe to say the discourse around Cowboys Nation hit peak levels last night. Billed as a live scrimmage, fans quickly discovered they tuned in to a glorified podcast of people watching people play football. It’s easy to see the Dallas Cowboys are trying to keep a competitive advantage by not showing too much of anything or anyone, but the frustration is understandable nonetheless.

Jerry once again proved he can market anything as long as he slaps the star on it.

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So there we go. Guess we’re going to have to wait until next month to see the Dallas Cowboys play football. Even with the disappointment of the scrimmage, it’s hard not to be excited about this team here in 2020.

  • Published on 08/31/2020 at 11:01 AM
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