WR Noah Brown is back in the Dallas Cowboys plans

Noah Brown #85 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Noah Brown #85 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Don’t look now but Noah Brow has made his way back onto the Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster

Much to Jason Garrett‘s dismay in New York, Noah Brown is going to make the Dallas Cowboys final roster. Brown, a favorite of the previous coaching staff, was surely a player Garrett was keeping his eye on this preseason. If Dallas cut Brown, it’s safe to say Garrett would be the first in line to sign for Ohio State alum.

Not so long ago, Brown was considered a long-shot to make the final 53. With so many higher potential players competing for the final spots, and a new coaching staff with no loyalty towards the fourth-year WR, Brown’s days were numbered.

But Brown’s status on the Dallas Cowboys final roster was all but assured by Stephen Jones’ most recent comments. Jones singled out Brown as a player who had separated himself from the pack. And even if the Cowboys go shallow at WR this season (as I’ve been suggesting for a while), Brown is top-5 on Dallas depth chart, ensuring his future on the roster .

Without regular views or reliable reports from training camp (Mike McCarthy has been censoring reporters), most assumed he was fading into the background. Now we see he was actually proving himself in ways we hadn’t seen before.

The past coaching staff used Noah Brown almost exclusively as a blocker. If Brown was on the field, chances were good the Cowboys were running the ball. In the 102 snaps Brown played in his last full season, he was only targeted eight times. Let that sink in.

But times have changed in Year 1 of McCarthy…


The Dallas Cowboys are using Brown in multiple roles in camp and Brown is excelling as a pass-catcher. Combine this with his elite receiver blocking skills and his special teams ability, and you have a guy who’s on track to make the squad.

Brown’s biggest competition was Ventell Bryant. Bryant, another big bodied special teams contributor, fell to injury this past week thus ensuring Brown’s spot on the roster.

What exactly does Brown bring to the 2020 Dallas Cowboys?

For one, he’s a physical WR who can win press coverage and contested catches. Two, he can play on most special teams units. Three he can block at the line of scrimmage – in motion, set on the line, at the point of attack, or as a backside seal.

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For years Noah Brown was seen as a WR who could play TE, but now it appears he’s finally being given the chance to be a real WR. That doesn’t mean he won’t be a blocker anymore, it just means he’ll be more than that.