Cowboys: 1 Simple way for Amari Cooper to beat Jalen Ramsey

Amari Cooper #19 (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images)
Amari Cooper #19 (Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images) /

If the Dallas Cowboys top receiver, Amari Cooper, wants to get the best of Jalen Ramsey today, he should try this…

When the best go against the best, it always make for good TV. That’s exactly what fans are expecting when the Dallas Cowboys travel to LA to take on the Rams. Amari Cooper and Jalen Ramsey both represent the best their respective positions have to offer and both are expected to see plenty of action head-to-head in Week 1.

On the surface, Ramsey, fresh off a contract extension that makes him the highest paid CB in the NFL, appears to have the inside track on this battle. The 6-foot-1, 210 lb defensive backs has the size, speed, and agility to keep up with with the Dallas Cowboys No. 1. He also has the track record of success.

Last season these two foes faced off as well. And it was Ramsey who was the clear victor. Cooper failed to pull in a single ball when Ramsey was on him in coverage that game. So again, it looks like the odds heavily favor the coverman in this match-up.

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But for as good as Ramsey is – he is beatable. Amari Cooper wasn’t exactly locked down in their previous match-up. he was blanked in the stat column but he was creating separation on the regular and if it hadn’t had been for so many other great options at pass-catcher, Dak Prescott could have easily completed some passes on the All-Pro.

Another point to make is Jalen Ramsey doesn’t always travel with his opponent. While some cornerbacks will follow his receiver from X or Z and to the slot, Ramsey doesn’t always do so. In the previously mentioned match-up, Ramsey only covered Coop 58.3 percent of the time.

Like a lot of top cornerbacks, Ramsey doesn’t often travel inside to cover out of the slot. The skill set needed inside is unique and doesn’t offer a physical CB like Ramsey the benefit of the sideline. Receivers can release in either direction making it a much more difficult task. Not many proud CBs want to risk their reputation inside.

That isn’t to say Ramsey won’t move inside, it’s just pointing out he doesn’t do it very often. Last season, Ramsey lined up wide 642 times but only played in the slot 80 times. If Cooper wants to beat Ramsey, his best course of action is to move inside for some key snaps.

If Ramsey follows him into the slot, then Cooper’s gained a big advantage over him. If he refuses and stays outside on the boundary, then Cooper has avoided him altogether and basically won the match-up by default.

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Lining up head-to-head isn’t the only way to beat an opponent. Pushing him out of his comfort zone and/or avoiding him altogether is much more effective.

  • Published on 09/13/2020 at 12:01 PM
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