Dallas Cowboys: 3 Tight Ends to Target via Free Agency or Trade

Zach Ertz (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Zach Ertz (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Zach Ertz (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Dallas Cowboys Option 3

Zach Ertz

Status: Eagles

Age: 29

A trade option that’s likely to make Cowboys Nation’s collective stomach turn as well as the Eagles fan base, is the idea of trading for Philly TE  Zach Ertz. The Eagles TE has grown discontent in the City of Brotherly Love and may be on the way out from the only pro team he’s known.

Just yesterday reports surfaced that Ertz and GM Howie Rosemen were in a very vocal argument. Ertz has been demanding a new deal that would make him one of the, if THE, highest paid TE in the league. He’s already turned down an offer that would pay him $10M+ per season and is willing to walk if his demands aren’t met.

If Philly wants to get something from him beyond a 2022 comp pick, they may want to trade him now before his disruptions start infecting the team.

There are dumb ideas, and then there are really, really, really dumb ideas. The one above is the latter. Not only is Zack Martin in his athletic prime (Offensive linemen have later prime years than other positions), but he’s an All-Pro and arguably the best player at his position. Ertz isn’t even the best tight end on his team right now.

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But just because the above proposal is absurd (the fact he misspelled Martin’s name is pretty telling of his insight), doesn’t mean Ertz is a bad trade target. Last season was Ertz’s second-lowest rated season of his career but he still finished as PFF’s 14th rated TE. His best days may be behind him but he’s still highly productive (3rd last season in receptions and yards) and he’s a perennial red zone monster, finishing second amongst TEs in TDs last season.

With Dallas Goedert the clear priority to build around in Philly, it’s unlikely anyone will give Ertz what he’s asking for. Perhaps a clear role as TE1 on the pass-happy Cowboys can get him to fall in line and play without that extension he so covets?

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None of the players listed would need a major commitment from the Dallas Cowboys. At Ertz’s age, extending him at the figure he seeks isn’t advisable. And since Njuko is still under contract through 2021, he doesn’t need a new deal either. And it’s clear at this point Delanie Walker would be happy just for an opportunity. Any of these tickle your fancy?