The Dallas Cowboys Discovered Something Very Important This Week

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The Dallas Cowboys didn’t just win this week but they learned something very important

It’s a known and open secret that the Dallas Cowboys move the ratings needle seven days a week, 365 days a year. In the media world, there is no such thing as an off day for the Cowboys. And if things went differently on Sunday, you can best believe the sports networks, sports columnists, and critics alike would have had a field day slamming the Cowboys.

Think about it –  if the Dallas Cowboys had lost to the Falcons, the great Russell Wilson and Seattle Seahawks were on deck as the Cowboys next opponent. And since Wilson is playing at an MVP level, the Cowboys were staring at the real possibility of starting the season 0-3 for the first time since 2001.

Remember those Campo years?

Luckily, the Cowboys didn’t have to worry about starting their season 0-3 because they finally got on track and battled back and beat the Falcons 40-39 in a game that only Hollywood could make.

I’m not here to give a boring recap of the game. I want to talk what the Dallas Cowboys learned this past week:

  1. The Dallas Cowboys finally realized they’re a talented team and can beat any team on any given Sunday.
  2. The Cowboys also learned the margin of error is razor-slim during this crazy Covid-19 2020 NFL football season.

The Cowboys got a wake-up call. They fell behind 20-0 early, and then 29-10 going into halftime, but they found the intestinal fortitude to win this all important game.

In lament terms, head coach Mike McCarthy unleashed quarterback Dak Prescott to where “Dak the Magnificent” threw for 450 yards, accounted for four touchdowns, and led Dallas to victory.

Of course, there is more to dissect about the this team receiving their “wake up call”. Coach Big Mac realized that Dak is a baller and can do all things possible when given the opportunity. See, the Dallas’ players realize now that all of the hype about their ferocious, offensive playmakers is a reality because they had a front row seat to witness the execution.

In essence, they believe in themselves as a collective.

Dallas’ players realize now that no matter how deep of a hole they dig themselves into or how far they fall behind in game, Dak can lift them out of that hole and lead them to victory because Dak has Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, Dalton Schultz, Noah Brown, Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott at his disposal.

To speak bluntly, this team realizes now that Dak is the ultimate leader, can make mistakes, and atone for those said mistakes by making things happen for the good of the team. All of Dallas’ turnovers were self-inflicted, and Dak bailed himself and his fellow teammates out like Batman did Robin in DC Comics.

Dallas understands now that if no mistakes are made against any opponent, this team is nearly unstoppable. Coach Big Mac realizes now that he can make bone headed mistakes like two failed fake punt attempts and an ill-advised, failed 2-pt conversion and still win the game. That failed 2-pt conversion left Dallas in need to score twice to win the game.

And they did! Big Mac you better be talking to Jerry about Dak being the highest paid quarterback in the league.

Without OTA’s (organized team activities), mini camps, a full training camp, and no preseason games, Dallas entered the season with only two-a-day practices and the skill set of its most talented  players and wishing for the best. What this Dallas team learned was that if it doesn’t play its best against a mediocre Falcons team that it could lose several games to superior foes.

Yeah, Dak bailed them out this time, and the coaching staff made adjustments, but the team learned as whole that the defense can’t defend short fields, the pass rush is nonexistent, DeMarcus Lawrence is no longer a “War Daddy”, and that Trevon Diggs did more than hold his own against All Pro wideout Julio Jones.

At this point, the defense is severe liability.

This game served as a wake up call in that Dallas’ front office needs to sign Earl Thomas (or someone like him) and find an edge rusher to get to the quarterback. And I believe tight end Schultz is really good and will make up for the loss of Blake Jarwin.

Dallas realizes that they got out coached and out schemed against a Los Angeles Rams team and didn’t wake up until the second half of the Falcons game. At that juncture, Dallas realized an 0-2 record was possible, but the reason for their early troubles was self-inflicted and was possible to make up, of course with a little ignorance from the Falcons for not recovering an onside kick.

You have to understand that prior to the first game of the season, Coach Big Mac didn’t know what type of team he was getting. Yeah, he knew about the talent on the paper, but Big Mac didn’t have a pulse on this team because of Covid-19 taking away vital practices and mini camps.

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Important fact: Dallas’ makeshift offensive line held its own against the Falcons, but this team still needs Tyron Smith and La’el Collins moving forward.

Plus, there is immense pressure  on the defensive coaching staff to correct their flaws, there’s pressure on the secondary to force turnovers and not drop crucial interceptions (Diggs and Daryl Worley), and there’s overall pressure to make up for loss time and be the best team they can be with minimum mistakes.

Because there are no easy games in the NFL, the Cowboys still have face good teams like the Seahawks, Cardinals, Vikings, Steelers, Ravens, 49ers, and their own feisty divisional foes.

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That’s why an impossible win over the Falcons was the ultimate “Wake Up Call”.

  • Published on 09/24/2020 at 11:01 AM
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