3 Reasons to Remain Optimistic About the Dallas Cowboys

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1. The NFC East is a mess

The good news for the Dallas Cowboys is that they are not the only ones who are off to a slow start. None of the NFC East teams are over .500 or have more than one win through four games.

The Washington Football Team suffered a blowout loss to Baltimore which is now three straight losses after their season-opening win over Philadelphia. That division win against the Eagles still has them technically in the driver seat of the division. The team has concerns about quarterback Dwayne Haskins with reports saying that he could lose his job should his performance continue to suffer.

New York is technically in the conversation, but not much hope in the team factoring in the division race. They haven’t won a game, their star running back Saquon Barkley is out for the season, and Daniel Jones continues to struggle. No firepower offensively has left many to believe that the Giants will have a top-five pick going into the 2021 NFL Draft.

Similar to Dallas, Philadelphia is a team filled with talent that has suffered from a slow start. Carson Wentz has played inconsistently throwing for seven interceptions through four games. Injuries resulted in three starting offensive linemen and four receivers to be out for the San Francisco 49ers game Sunday night. While the defense has improved, they have been prone to giving up big plays.

The truth of the matter is Dallas has better overall talent. Their offense is by far the best among the four teams. Not one of the teams in the NFC East can score the number of points Dallas can. The Cowboys have the weakest defense in the division, but their offense would be able to put enough points of the board to win it.

It’s early in the season, but Dallas should feel pretty good about winning the division. The other three teams have too many questions to be legitimate contenders. An 8-8 record most likely wins the division and Dallas can do that with ease.