3 Reasons to Remain Optimistic About the Dallas Cowboys

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2. Dak Prescott is on pace for a record season

The numbers Dak Prescott is putting up this season so far is absolutely astounding. Prescott has thrown for 1,690 yards with nine passing touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns. He’s on pace for 6,760 yards passing which would shatter the NFL record for passing yards in a season.

It’s unlikely that Prescott will be able to continue averaging 422 yards per game, but it should be a testament to what he has meant to the team. The running game has been a non-factor which has resulted in Prescott having the carry the offense.

Many would say the large numbers are mostly due to the fact that Dallas has had three games of the team being down by at least 15 points. Even with that, Prescott has proven to compete with great quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson. He’s also proven that even if the defense struggles, the Cowboys will always be in the game.

Nobody can deny that Prescott has been the most important player on the team. He’s proven to be the leader of the team and a playmaker. Prescott just needs to hope that the defense can improve to help take the pressure off of the offense.