Dallas Cowboys: 4 Defensive Coordinators who could replace Mike Nolan

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Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of one of their most tumultuous weeks in history, and there is a lot of finger-pointing at Mike Nolan.

The Dallas Cowboys defense is so very bad. I mean there is so much wrong with it, that it is hard to find anything right. It’s what medical experts call, “a dumpster fire”.

Because of these struggles, there are a lot of Cowboys fans calling for big moves: players to be traded, benched, cut, and there are even calls for defensive coordinator Mike Nolan to be replaced. Look, four games into the season, the odds of Nolan being replaced is pretty slim, but if this team does not show up against the Giants, there could be some changes sooner than later.

While there is a lot of talk that Wade Phillips is “waiting”, the way it ended, I am not so sure Phillips would want to come back to the Cowboys. But we will get into Phillips later, first let’s look at some other options to replace Mike Nolan at DC.

Note: The Dallas Cowboys defense is about to get a huge boost as players make their way back from injury. While that should help, there is a noticeable lack of talent at certain positions that we’ll all just have to live with. None of the returning players automatically saves Nolan.

Let’s start with some of the internal coaches that could step in right away.