Dallas Cowboys: 4 Defensive Coordinators who could replace Mike Nolan

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Dallas Cowboys Option 3: Marvin Lewis

Now let’s look outside our Dallas Cowboys bubble. While most good coaches are somewhere else…ya know…coaching, some viable options are out there serving roles outside of the NFL.

One of the least popular choices among Dallas Cowboys fans might be Marvin Lewis. However, fans would be wise to keep in mind, this would be for the defensive coordinator and not as head coach.

Lewis’ past success has been as the Ravens defensive coordinator. While his defenses were up and down in Cincinnati, they were at least competitive most years and did focus on takeaways, something the Cowboys desperately need. Currently Dallas is last in the NFL in turnover differential and that goes a long way in explaining why they’re sitting at 1-3.

Lewis also worked under with Mike Zimmer and if Edwards doesn’t take the DC job, Lewis would not be a far step off. He traditionally implements a 4-3 and with Edwards would be able to quickly implement a comfortable scheme for the players without needing a lot right away.

This is certainly a less popular option for many fans and it would mean Lewis would have to leave his job at Arizona State. I am not sure how Mike McCarthy would view Lewis but if the Cowboys wanted a quick plug and play coach, Lewis wouldn’t be the worst option.