Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott: An Uncertain Future Looms

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There are no guarantees we’ll ever see Dak Prescott in a Dallas Cowboys jersey again…

For many Dallas Cowboys fans, it’s Dak Prescott‘s gruesome ankle injury, not the game-clinching catch from Michael Gallup, that’s the lasting image of Sunday afternoon’s game. Even though the catch essentially guaranteed the comeback victory, moving the Cowboys to 2-3 and elevating Dallas to first place in the NFC East, it was injury that’s clearly the most consequential.

Perhaps the most painful part in this for Dallas Cowboys fans, are the circumstances surrounding the horrific event. After being served a series of unsatisfactory contract offers (multiple outside agents have said they wouldn’t have accepted), Dak chose to bet on himself this summer and play under the tag. And he was doing it.

Leading the NFL’s deadliest passing attack, Dak Prescott was making the case this season he’s worth everything he was asking for and more. Until the unthinkable happened. Those who are reading this know what I’m talking about. There’s no need for me to repaint the picture because it’s picture none of us can shake.

In the aftermath of said horror, fans are conflicted this Monday morning. Social media is ablaze with wildly different takeaways. Some are calling for youth movement. Some are calling for a sell-off. Some are blatantly pleading to tank. Everyone’s passionate. Nobody can shake that horrible image and nobody has been more uncertain about the future of the Cowboys QB1 spot than they are right now.

Dak’s season-ending injury means he may never wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey again. That’s not hyperbole, it’s reality. If anything has been made clear this young 2020 season, it’s that Dallas has a lot of work to do on defense. They need to invest and don’t have a ton of resources to do it.

Those already limited resources all but disappear Dallas if forced to use the franchise tag on Dak Prescott again. The tag goes up 20% next season, meaning if Dallas doesn’t work out a long-term deal with Dak, they’re going to have to clear cap space – not spend it on defensive upgrades.

As if that wasn’t a difficult enough decision on it’s own, the injury only adds to it all. If the Dallas Cowboys were hesitant to hitch their wagon to Dak before, how will they feel now that he’s coming off a terrible injury and potentially costs more?

Gut Feelings

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All hope isn’t lost for Dak Prescott and his future with the Dallas Cowboys. This may be the nudge both sides need in getting a long-term deal done. Dallas will see what life without Dak looks like (not pretty) and Dak will be more inclined to settle for some long-term financial security. That’s why Dak may very well sign a multi-year deal early in the offseason and Dallas would have the opportunity to upgrade that defense in free agency.

The emotions of today snuck up on us. Those of us who love Dak Prescott weren’t expecting to face a Dak-less future until this winter. The suddenness of today is cruel. If Dak plays another down of football it will have to be under a new deal – either a ,long-term deal or the tag. Neither are certain but both are on the table.

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