Why it’s so important the Dallas Mavericks add veterans

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The Dallas Mavericks have a solid group of young talent. The list of Free Agents in 2020 are full of good Veteran additions.

The Dallas Mavericks made a great push in the bubble but it wasn’t enough to advance beyond the first round. Injuries were a problem. As was depth. And the thing that also plagued them all season long was a lack of veteran experience.

The 2020 NBA Free Agent list is full of veterans who Dallas could sign at a discounted price. Doing so could help in all the areas discussed above. The NBA Market is going to go down which could favor the Mavericks in getting a veteran player to help. The big push needs to be next offseason when a lot of big name Free Agents.

Notable Veteran Free Agents are Marc Gasol, Kyle Korver, Marvin Williams, Goran Dragic, and Danilo Gallinari. These Veterans are full of experience in both the regular season and the playoffs. Gasol, Dragic, and Korver have all played in the Playoffs and in the Finals. They’re towards the end of the road career wise so the Dallas Mavericks could get them at a discount.

Notable Free Agents the Dallas Mavericks could Target, and One Free Agent to stay away from.

If the Dallas Mavericks are being impatient and do not want to wait until next offseason they could go after these players: Fred VanVleet, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Tristan Thompson, and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. These players are going to come at a price.

Thompson is not going to be a cheap sign for any team. VanVleet is also a player that is going to want to get paid and he deserves it. Fred VanVleet has proven himself in Toronto, and if the Raptors do not sign him he would be a good back up for Luka. He also could slide into the starting role as Point Guard, and move Luka to Shooting Guard and have Hardaway JR come off the bench.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson would be great role players for the Dallas Mavericks. Both players have shown that they are okay with being role players. Kidd-Gilchrist played great for Charlotte and Hollis-Jefferson came out in the bubble.

One player that the Dallas Mavericks need to make sure they stay far away from is Hassan Whiteside. Whiteside is going to want big money and he is not worth it. Whiteside is not a good fit for the Dallas Mavericks. If they chase after him they could over pay and hurt their chances at landing a 2021 Free Agent.

2021 Free Agents that the Dallas Mavericks should make a hard push at to make a run at a Title.

If the Dallas Mavericks strike out on getting Fred VanVleet they have the opportunity to go after another great backup, Dennis Schroder, via trade. Schroder is going to be hitting the market in 2021and is a notable backup that has shown great success.

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Other players that could help the Dallas Mavericks make a run at a NBA Championship are Victor Oladipo, Blake Griffin(if he opts out), Rudy Gobert, and DeMar DeRozan. Everyone is looking to see if Giannis will stay in Milwaukee like he says he will. This is why the Dallas Mavericks cannot count on him to be a Free Agent in 2021.

Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Chris Paul will also have Player Options for the 2021 offseason. The chances of both Leonard and George leaving Los Angeles are slim to none. The chances of Chris Paul are slim because he will most likely head to Los Angeles to play with LeBron and the Lakers.

If the Dallas Mavericks want to set themselves up for a nice 2021 offseason they must sign role players in 2020. They cannot go chasing after players in 2020. The Dallas Mavericks are not desperate and are good enough to make a playoff run with the players they have. Adding the Veterans and role players will hold them until 2021.

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Mark Cuban is smart and will hold off on making any big deals because he only has Luka at a discount until 2022.

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