Can Anything be Done to Help the Dallas Cowboys?

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The Dallas Cowboys have been ravaged by injuries, bad play, and a ton of mistakes, here are some options to help in 2020.

At the end of the Cardinals game not a single starter from the start of the Dallas Cowboys offseason was playing on the offensive line. Their starting quarterback was recovering from a season ending injury, their best corner is injured, and the list goes on. The starters have been bad, the backups have been bad, the coaching has been bad. Somehow, the Cowboys are still in first place in the awful NFC East.

There is a lot of help needed for Dallas, and to be honest there may be too much to fix this season at this point. But with how bad the East actually is, they are still oddly in the mix to take the division, for whatever that is worth. Some guys will get healthy, some will come back from a “not a suspension” suspension, and more minutes should help the rookies.

Fixing the 2020 Cowboys at this point may be a moot point, but let’s try anyway. We will look at realistic options from moving guys up, to trades, and coaching scheme changes. I still don’t think the Jones family moves a coach during the season, but if it happens, it happens and we won’t approach that here.