Can Anything be Done to Help the Dallas Cowboys?

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Dallas Cowboys Offense

As long as Zack Martin isn’t injured for a long time, the Cowboys seriously need to consider moving him to tackle for the rest of the season. The whole offensive line needs to shuffle and the best five players need to be playing. Terence Steele has been awful and should not be playing if they can help it. If this means having to move Martin outside, then so be it.

This leads to wondering if the Cowboys could make a trade or find a guy on a practice squad somewhere. The injuries have stacked up and it is obvious the guys they are playing are playing poorly. Trey Adams is sitting on the Buffalo Bills practice squad and could be a solid pickup for moving forward at tackle.

They also have to find a way to cut down on the fumbles. It could be the yips, it could be the long sleeves, it could be a million things, but the fumbles have been a plague. You stop those, it will help a ton later in games.

The backup quarterback right now is Ben DiNucci, who some fans absolutely love, but has zero experience. They may not look for someone to backup Dalton as him going down would probably cause the Cowboys to throw in the towel. However, a veteran backup could help if the race stays close.

They have to find a new identity with Dak Prescott out for the season. Andy Dalton is not the answer to your problems if you don’t adjust the offensive line and find ways to not turn-over the ball. It all has to start with the offensive line though.