Can Anything be Done to Help the Dallas Cowboys?

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Dallas Cowboys Scheme

The defensive scheme has to adjust. Simply put they do not have good enough players to even remotely try Mike Nolan’s defense. They have to simplify the defense and find an identity. Trying to play a complex system with borderline NFL players is not going to work. This has to be the first thing on the docket.

On offense the scheme isn’t terrible, but the playcalling at times has been questionable. Mike McCarthy has to take over some playcalling and focus on the offense not making mistakes. For a team that has such a bad defense, letting them see the field more often is a bad thing. Dalton is not Dak, so find ways to fit within what Dalton can do.

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Really, it all starting with Stephen and Jerry Jones, really Stephen is the guy believe it or not. They have to be willing to do what it takes to field a quality product. Right now, Stephen is too busy trying to sell a fake narrative on the salary cap instead of actually trying to make the team better. Mike McCarthy has also said he would rather promote from within, which is fine if you have even average caliber players.

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Something has to change, the stubborn nature of the ownership and coaching is the first step, then looking for realistic ways to improve this team has to happen now. They could let the season roll and grab a safety, tackle, defensive tackle, corner, guard, or defensive end early, but they need a lot more than a draft pick.