The worst part about the Dallas Cowboys current situation

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One truth stands out as the most deflating in the situation the Dallas Cowboys find themselves in this season.

There’s no hope in sight and this is all pointless. Forgive me if I end the tease and get to the point right away. Want to know why the 2020 Dallas Cowboys are more painful to watch than any team in recent history? This season is pointless.

Dak Prescott is on season-ending IR. He’s not going to heal up and swoop into town to save the day late in the season. This isn’t like Tony Romo’s collarbone situation(s) where Dallas just had to tread water until the hero could arrive. There is no hero in 2020. Treading water doesn’t accomplish a thing because there’s Dak’s not coming back.

For those of you who’ve been around a while, you’ll remember those 5-11 Dave Campo years. It’s hard to think of a more depressing time in Dallas Cowboys history than that span. But I’d argue this still trumps it on the pain scale.

Usually bad times can still serve a purpose. They test mettle and character. They lay the groundwork for the future. I’m not sure 2020 is doing any of that.

At least then the team worked hard. They weren’t very talented but they went down swinging every week. This 2020 team looks like they’re just going through the motions. They’re fighting below their weight class and losing horribly. If Dak’s injury didn’t spark them, if the dirty hit to Andy Dalton didn’t get in their craw, if the constant ridicule across the league doesn’t motivate them – -what will?

I’m seriously asking here.

Observing my deflated mood and my sad gait as I emerged from the den after Sunday’s defeat, my wife asked why this season seemed so much more depressing than past disappointments. I kept going back to how I just don’t want to watch these guys play. With so many injuries and so many replacements, many of these players are just lucky to be on a team. Back in those Campo years the Cowboys were searching and developing. At least we saw guys who might figure into the future then.

Aside from Trevon Diggs and Neville Gallimore, which young and struggling player are we excited about developing? I can deal with the flashy play from those two because growing pains are necessary evils and we gotta endure the mistakes at some point – might as well be now.

But Cam Erving and Terence Steele? I don’t want to see them play. I suppose Steele could develop into a swing tackle someday but that’s not easy to get excited about. Andy Dalton and Ben DiNucci? Does anyone think they factor into the future? DiNucci maybe, but only as a future QB2 and even that is a statistical long-shot. And I’m not sure it’s doing his development any favors sticking him behind this offensive line anyway.

Antwaun Woods, Justin Hamilton, Tyrone Crawford, Joe Thomas, Daryl Worley, Everson Griffen, etc… none of them factor into 2021 and beyond. I don’t want to see them play bad football now if there’s no hope to be found in their future.

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Jourdan Lewis, Chidobe Awuzie (when he’s back), Xavier Woods are all as good as gone after this season. Their learning opportunities are for other teams, not for Dallas. I can handle watching Diggs getting burnt once a game, but I can’t handle it coming from Lewis anymore.

2021 seems like a million years away right now and based on how all of 2020 has gone (global pandemic and all) I’m not sure I’d have much trouble convincing people to fast forward to next year and just skip this chapter in our lives.

Usually bad times can still serve a purpose. They test mettle and character. They lay the groundwork for the future. I’m not sure 2020 is doing any of that for the Dallas Cowboys. That’s what’s so depressing about this season. That’s what makes it worse than those 5-11 Dave Campo years.

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There’s no hero on a white horse riding in to save us this season. There’s very few players developing for the future. There’s no character being shown or improvement to be seen. It’s a waste of a season and there’s no hope in sight. The remaining games are pointless and 2021 can’t get here soon enough.

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