NFL Trade Deadline: Will the Dallas Cowboys be sellers?

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The Dallas Cowboys reportedly are shopping some players at the NFL Trade Deadline, but is anyone interested?

News broke today that the Dallas Cowboys are looking to sell Everson Griffen. Then rumors arose that Dontari Poe and Daryl Worley were on the block as well. Good news, right?

But with the Cowboys playing as poorly as they are, teams may not want much of what they have to offer. Griffen might fetch you a late-round pick, but so far there have not really been any confirmed offers.

I know the first thing people will bring up is to let them walk after the season for compensatory picks. The issue again is whether teams will sign them and if they will bring anything back in return. Poe has looked washed up, Worley is one of the worst corners in the league, and Griffen hasn’t really produced much of note.

My point is: get what you can now if you can and don’t expect any picks for the next season.

Realistically, the Cowboys don’t have much to offer teams that would net them a lot in return. The big contracts like Ezekiel Elliott, Jaylon Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Amari Cooper are pretty close to unmovable at this point. The value a team will get versus what they would have to pay is not going to get a lot of interest. The cost in both picks and money might be too high.

Who’s Tradeable?

While I am not condoning any of the trades of the following players, we are going to go over who other teams might want. Look, the Cowboys are not a good team, injuries have ravaged this team, and the depth is just not there. Even some of the starters would not be starting on other teams. Right now, the Cowboys players are not seen in a good light.

That means the Cowboys have little to offer, and most fans would be upset with losing what they do actually have. The first name everyone throws out is Michael Gallup. Gallup is still on a rookie deal, is a borderline number one wide receiver, and a really solid number two. He could fetch a second-round pick and if you are lucky an extra late-round if a bidding war happens.

The next moveable piece a team would jump on is Leighton Vander Esch. Even with the injury issues, Vander Esch is a solid linebacker, and while he may not pull a huge haul, his rookie deal and option sweetens the pot for a team. Easily one of the best players on defense, losing him would hurt a lot, but he could net you some picks.

Another moveable piece is Zack Martin. Martin is still considered one of, if not the best, guard in the league. He would net you the best return of any player and a first-round pick would not be out of the question. Martin is fairly affordable and his return in play would be wanted by just about every team in the league. It would wreck the offensive line even more, but he is someone that would net a great return.

More from Dallas Cowboys

The last one we will cover, and arguably the least favorable option, is Dak Prescott. The fact is we all expect Dak to return from his injury, but no one knows if he will be the same player until we actually see it. With the Cowboys sky-rocketing to the top of the draft, the Cowboys may decide to move Dak with hopes of getting Justin Fields (I don’t think they will get past the Jets for the first pick). This would make Stephen Jones happy as he wouldn’t have to spend money on his best player.

The Cowboys do not have a ton of players that will net much, but that may not matter. None of the guys above would be guys I would trade, but we cannot rule out anything from this front office. The ideal would be offers for the huge contract guys and pick up what you can for the depth guys. However, I am not sure that is realistic. Playing the rookies to see what you have and heading into the draft may be the smart move right now.

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Building a team is not easy, but the Jones family has gotten it wrong for a very long time. Nothing says trading players away for picks and using cap space will actually change the way they view certain positions. They signed a running back and linebacker before more valuable positions like quarterback and corner. They have long forgone the safety and defensive line in-lieu of lesser valuable positions. But we are here, and things need to change.

  • Published on 10/27/2020 at 12:00 PM
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