Dallas Mavericks: 3 Free Agents to avoid in 2020

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Dallas Mavericks: Free Agent to Avoid No. 1

Montrezl Harrell PF/C

Montrezl Harrell is someone many of us Dallas Mavericks fans have been targeting for a while. The 6-foot-7 240lbs PF/C seemed custom made for the Mavs fast moving smallish-ball machine. In an era that’s moving away from the plodding center, an athletic and physical presence in the paint is a requirement for most rosters.

At face value, Harrell looks like he could be that Draymond Green for the Dallas Mavericks. Pairing someone like Harrell next to Kristaps Porzingis makes sense. Kristaps is a shot blocker and shooter, while Harrell is the bully who patrols the paint. It’s of my firm belief Montrezl Harrell would fit great on the 2021 Dallas Mavericks…but wait, isn’t his about who NOT to sign?

Even though the reigning sixth man of the year would be a good fit on the Dallas Mavericks, there are causes of concern regarding signing him in free agency.

First, it’s the cost. Harrell just finished a 2-year $12 Million contract with the LA Clippers. He’s going to want significantly more than that on his next deal and that figure probably starts at around $12M per season. It’s also safe to say the 26-year-old big is expecting a multi-year deal that secures his generational wealth in his prime years.

If the Dallas Mavericks commit to Harrell, it will essentially be giving up on the star-studded free agent class of next summer. Harrell would be the third star for the foreseeable future. Now, that would be fine if he lived up to the Draymond Green role he’d be slotted for, but that’s a reach in expectations.

The second concern is our most recent images of Harrell. Even though Harrell posted career highs in points/game (18.6) and rebounds (7.1), his shooting percentage decreased.  While 58% shooting is nothing to scoff at, 90% of those points came within 10 feet of the basket. The farther he gets from the basket, the more ineffective he becomes. That extends to the defensive side of the floor as well. Even though he finished the season 42nd in the NBA in win shares, he was exposed in the playoffs. Harrell thrives inside, but when matched up against someone who can win outside the paint, his impact is diminished.

That’s what happened in the playoffs this season when Harrell averaged over nine minutes less per game. Anyone the Dallas Mavericks sign this season has to be to make them better when the postseason begins. Harrell may be a liability in the postseason for the Mavs and that makes this a very risky signing considering the investment.