Dallas Cowboys: 3 Things to look for in Ben DiNucci’s first start

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Ben DiNucci is likely to get his first start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys so here’s what to look for…

With Dak Prescott out for the season and Andy Dalton lost in concussion protocol, the unheralded rookie from James Madison University will likely start at quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. In possibly the most course-setting game of the season, Ben DiNucci takes the helm. How he does against the rival Eagles will go a long way in determining his future role with the franchise.

Clearly, no one expects Ben DiNucci to be the second-coming of Prescott, but fans, thirsty for something hopeful, certainly want to see something more than what Andy Dalton has shown in his two starts. Fair or not, determinations will be made and long-standing conclusions will be drawn based on this one start of Ben DiNucci.

Can he be a QB2 next year and someone worth developing or do the Dallas Cowboys need to go back to the well in the offseason and invest limited resources in another back-up QB? That’s ultimately what we hope to answer this week.

One thing is pretty clear – Ben DiNucci has the arm and accuracy to be an NFL QB. He can sling it and he can thread the needle. Those are not teachable traits and certainly something you can develop around.

But this is far from an ideal scenario for him to be in. The team is reeling. The offensive line is a mess. The defense is doing you no favors. The list goes on.

The Dallas Cowboys don’t need their rookie to pull a rabbit out of a hat – or even win for that matter. They need some hope. The disheartened fanbase is desperate for something good, and if Ben DiNucci can be that something good, it could have a trickle-down effect on the team. It could also help the Cowboys make decisions next offseason (like whether to invest in a new QB2 or not).

Today we look at three things we should all be looking for in Ben DiNucci’s performance this Sunday. How he plays is so much bigger than the final score.