Dallas Cowboys: 3 Things to look for in Ben DiNucci’s first start

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Dallas Cowboys: Thing to look for No. 2

Vison and Progressions

What separates real NFL QBs from the pack is their ability to look downfield and go through progressions. In college, it’s easy to spread it out, diagnose the defense, and determine pre-snap what the course of action should be.

As Adithya pointed out in his analysis, DiNucci often stared down his receivers in college. He appeared to have a target in mind before then snap, and made little attempt to disguise that. It works in college, but that’s a dangerous behavior in the pros.

DiNucci can’t afford to telegraph his passes.

Defenses are too good to telegraph passes. Coordinators will disguise coverages and cornerbacks will bait quarterbacks into making ill-advised throws. He can’t afford to telegraph his passes.

The Dallas Cowboys, specifically, are designed for progressions. Their 3-headed monster at WR dictates the ball goes to the open man. That may not be the first read, or even the second. Heck, it may even be Dalton Schultz or Zeke as the fifth option.

Defenses are going to show one guy open before the snap but shift recourses to take that away once the ball is snapped. Ben DiNucci will have to recognize that and move through his reads to find the best option on the play. He’ll need to play in the moment. He’ll need to play with pocket presence. He’ll need to play with ball security.

This is a tall order for anyone, especially a rookie from James Madison