Your favorite Dallas Cowboys as Halloween Candy

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /
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Happy Halloween! In honor of the spooky season and the Dallas Cowboys being scarily bad, here are your favorite players as popular Halloween candies!

The time is 7:20 PM CST, the day is Sunday, November 1st. The Dallas Cowboys will be taking on the Philadelphia Eagles in a divisional matchup that could decide who leads the division. Stakes couldn’t be higher as both teams have talent that far surpasses the rest of their division…

This is what we would’ve said at the start of the season, but in week eight of the 2020 NFL season, this is far from the truth. The Dallas Cowboys are quite literally a shell of themselves and the Eagles are completely disintegrating, except in an unlikely turn of events Carson Wentz is not on the injury report. *knocks on wood*

While a division lead will be decided, the division leader will earn their third win of the season. If the Eagles win they’d still be one game under .500.

What a season this has been so far!

In true scary fashion, the team will be trotting out their third-string quarterback, Ben DiNucci, behind an offensive line with hopefully two starters from the 2019 season, left guard Connor Williams and Zack Martin.

In order to take your mind off the impending chaos that is likely to take place on Sunday, I’ve decided to compare your Dallas Cowboys with popular Halloween candies.

Why not?