Dallas Mavericks Draft: 3 high-impact draft targets in the 2020 NBA Draft

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Here are three potential draft picks for the Dallas Mavericks who could have a big impact on Day 1.

The Dallas Mavericks may not have a top lottery pick in this year’s 2020 NBA Draft, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find an impact player. Armed with the 18th and 31st picks in the Draft, the Mavs can do a variety of things when they go on the clock.

They could take two swings, hedging their bets and diversifying their investment in hopes that at least one of them pan out. They could pick safely with one and swing for the fences with the other. Or they could package their picks and move up, securing the true object of their affection and focus on quality instead of quantity.

Given the Dallas Mavericks’ roster and postseason aspirations, we ‘re going to focus on the first round rather than the second round. It’s unlikely two rookies can come in and make the roster on Day 1, so we’ll focus on who they will pick first – either at Pick 18 or slightly sooner if they trade their 31st pick to move up.

This year is an especially difficult year to predict the NBA Draft. The NCAA season was cut short and player evaluations suffered as a result. This means the bust rate will be especially high, as will the likelihood of elite talents slipping through the cracks.

Given the pre-draft rankings across the various NBA Draft websites, this draft could go a variety of different ways. There never really a solid consensus and this year it’s that times ten. With all of that said, let’s take a look at who could be available around Pick 18 and which specific players could make an instant impact on the Dallas Mavericks this coming season.