Dallas Mavericks Draft: 3 high-impact draft targets in the 2020 NBA Draft

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Dallas Mavericks Draft Target No. 3

Josh Green, Wing



If the Dallas Mavericks sit tight at 18, Josh Green could be just the high-potential, yet immediately useful, prospect for them. Green is young and unpolished so he’s a bit of a project. The 6-foot-6 wing from Arizona is a great defender with elite defender potential. His 6-foot-10 wingspan allows him to scrap with the bigs, and his athleticism and natural instincts allow him to shut down smaller shooting guards.

His immediate impact in year one is through that defense. On the Dallas Mavericks he’d likely be the best defender on the team and he’d earn playing time based on D and his developing three-point shot. Last season, he shot 36.1% from deep. He has explosion to go hard to the basket but suspect finishing ability

Josh Green’s shooting percentage in the paint is a paltry 37% and that will need to improve at the next level for him to keep the threat to drive alive. Of the players discussed, Green is the biggest wild card. His defense gets him on the floor, but he’ll need to solidify his offense in order to stay on the floor and be an impact player in high leverage game situations.

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3-And-D Trend

In case you haven’t noticed, the Dallas Mavericks are desperate for wings who can shoot efficiently from deep and can match-up and lock-down defensively against multiple positions. The 3-and-D wing isn’t a unique need for them, as most NBA teams admit a need for this vital role player/difference maker.

Getting the right guy will require a trade up and the Dallas Mavericks seem willing to do so this year. They need a player who can contribute immediately as a defender but still be a catch-and-shoot weapon on the perimeter.

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The Dallas Mavericks should be able to snag an impact player in the NBA Draft this year but they have to be willing to move around to secure the right guy.