Dallas Cowboys: Stephen Jones just said the most ridiculous thing

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Stephen Jones went on the record Monday to say the Dallas Cowboys were done making moves and are “Still in this.”

Monday on 105.3, Stephen Jones (COO of the Dallas Cowboys) went on the record when asked if the Cowboys were going to make any more moves, with what amounts to a “no”. He followed it up by stating they were happy with the moves they made and that they were still “in the fight” to win the NFC East. The reaction among the Cowboys fans was basically, “Is he serious?”

The short answer is, yes, I think he is being completely serious. I suppose there isn’t much more he could or should say publicly, but he has held this line and walked it up to this point. There is no reason to not believe he is being serious. The moves have been lackluster and outside of addition by subtraction with Dontari Poe, Everson Griffen, and Daryl Worley, have not done anything to improve the glaring weaknesses of the team.

They signed Hunter Niswander, a rookie punter free agent out of Northwestern, traded a 7th round pick for a defensive tackle who was a waiver wire pickup a week prior by the Texans in Eli Ankou, who Stephen said was to “shore up the defensive line”. Oh, they also brought in a quarterback in Garrett Gilbert who is on his 7th NFL team (and one AAF team) in six years. While other teams traded for players, the Cowboys shopped at the bargain bin, again.

But back to Stephen, and whether or not he is serious when he says he believes the Cowboys really do have a chance and that the moves are the right moves. If we look at how the Cowboys have approached free agency, they have not been willing to go after players at valuable positions outside of older guys, fliers on backups, and internal depth players they believe are better than they are. Sure, they did well with Robert Quinn but did not re-sign him.

Just looking at the history of free agency and not being willing to spend on the right positions on the right players, he may be more than serious. However, we still need to look at how they have spent internally as well. The most glaring mistake so far is not getting Dak Prescott a new contract, and pointing to that as the reason they can’t spend. Except, the Cowboys were quick to sign two of the least valuable positions in today’s NFL in a running back and a linebacker.

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They were quick to let Quinn walk, but that was just a small sample of the mistakes being made. Byron Jones being allowed to walk as already come back to bite this team as Chidobe Awuzie has been unable to replace him. And while Trevon Diggs will be good in a few years, he is a rookie. Other than him, the corners have not been good. They also let Charvarious Ward walk away and win a Super Bowl with Damien Wilson and Anthony Hitchens.

Stephen, and thus Jerry and Will, have left defensive tackle, safety, and offensive line depth (not starters) waste away as they apparently do not believe they are valuable positions. Whether they believe that or not, the lack of improving these positions shows more than words. So again, everything Stephen has done says, yes he is serious.

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The front office still believes this team will turn a corner without actually getting new players. While they could win a game or two here and there, there is an obvious lack of talent all over the roster. However, they will press forward hoping they become a playoff team, and Stephen is dead serious about that.

  • Published on 11/03/2020 at 12:52 PM
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