Dallas Cowboys Draft: Three First Round Options for Dallas

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The Dallas Cowboys currently have the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, giving them several options…

With the Dallas Cowboys sitting at third in next year’s draft, there is a lot of discussion on how that pick might play out. Realistically, there are quite a few options that we will explore before now and then. Some will be popular, some will not. However, to look at it fairly we have to look at all options.

Sitting at third is unique for the Cowboys because they have never picked in that slot. While trading down is an option we will get to, gone are the days of Hershel Walker type trades, so we will need to stay realistic in trade expectations. A player, of course, is an option, but who and at what positions may be a little harder to figure out.

Dallas Cowboys: Trading Down

The first option we will explore is trading down. For this to happen we will assume the Cowboys are keeping Dak Prescott. This might require one of the top two quarterbacks to be available, but someone could want to climb to get the offensive tackle Penei Sewell (more on him later). If a team is willing to climb up to three, then the Cowboys could find themselves in a great position to load up on picks.

If we use the old draft pick value chart (found here) the third pick is worth 2200 points. The further up someone wants to climb, the more in return the Cowboys will get. Luckily, the top three picks are premier spots and at times can command a little bit higher return. We can use the Goff and Turbisky trades as a guide for what the Cowboys could get.

If either the Giants or Washington want to move up, then the likely haul would be a switch of firsts, probably a third and a fourth. Since both sit directly behind the Cowboys, the value is not that high. However, if a team like New England or Carolina wants to move up, then the haul gets much better.

If New England wants to move up, it would of course start with a trade of firsts. After that, We can probably guess the Cowboys would get a second and third, but since there would be a premium for the pick a late rounder would not be out of the question. They could sweeten the pot with the first next year instead.

Carolina would be the huge one. With a trade of firsts, the Panthers would most likely have to give up their first this year and first next year to start. They could also add some extra middle-round picks to sweeten any deal made.

If the Cowboys are willing to trade some of their fourth-round picks along with the first in a package, the deal gets even better with a couple of seconds and a third. The further down the trade the bigger the return. I would probably not go below 10th myself, but if someone is willing to give up two drafts? I would consider it.