Dallas Cowboys Draft: Three First Round Options for Dallas

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Zach Wilson. Mandatory Credit: Rick Bowmer/Pool Photo-USA TODAY NETWORK
Zach Wilson. Mandatory Credit: Rick Bowmer/Pool Photo-USA TODAY NETWORK /

Dallas Cowboys: The QB Option

Of course, the one option most people don’t want (although some do) would be to grab a quarterback. We know Stephen Jones has constantly been talking about cap space and how much the quarterback would make. If he wants to save as much money as he can and go rookie, well then quarterback is an option.

That means if either Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields falls they could be the pick, but they are not the only quarterbacks with Zach Wilson and Trey Lance all grading out in the first round right now.

We all assume that Dak Prescott will return to his old self, but until he does, it is an assumption. If he has a set-back or doesn’t heal fully, then the Cowboys could move on as they could feel he won’t be the same player. Nothing right now would lead us to think that, but we have to look at all options here. The quarterback could also be used to back him up, just in case.

Personally, I don’t think they go quarterback if Dak is fully healthy because they have seen the team without him and it ain’t pretty. Going with a rookie may lead to them fully committing to using the next two or three seasons as a rebuild. I think the Joneses want to compete quicker than that, but it is certainly an option.