Dallas Cowboys: The shocking emergence of the Run-D and what it means

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Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

Neville Gallimore and the run defense stepped up Sunday and may have changed the Dallas Cowboys offseason priorities

The Dallas Cowboys appeared to be in quite the pickle heading into the upcoming offseason. All injuries aside, they still had a chronic talent situation at defensive tackle, safety, and cornerback. With more needs than resources to fill said needs, it was clear all areas would not be suitably addressed in one single offseason.

But some of those position weaknesses dissipated on Sunday with the interior line’s suddenly competent play. Neville Gallimore specifically stood out as a legitimate front line starter in the middle, and difference maker for the foreseeable future.

Just yesterday, John Owning at the Dallas Morning News highlighted Gallimore’s career day. The rookie 3rd rounder* (Post-publishing correction made)  showed dominant power, technique, and discipline against the esteemed Pittsburgh offensive line. Three things that had been lacking entirely from the Dallas Cowboys  interior up until now.

The Steelers, who average 109 per game and 4.0 per carry this season, were held to just 46 total yards on the ground. The Cowboys have been allowing 5.1 yards per carry leading up to the game but held the Steelers 2.6 yards per carry on 18 attempts.

In all fairness, it took a collective effort from the Dallas defense to shut down one of the NFL better rushing attacks. But the play from Gallimore specifically helps greatly as the Cowboys attempt to rebuild a contender this coming offseason.

Up until now, it appeared the Cowboys needed two frontline starters at DT and even an investment in depth. Both expected started this season failed to hold a roster spot (poor play and injury) and as such neither player is expected to be back. DT3 Antwaun Woods is a free agent in 2021, leaving only Gallimore and injured second year player, Trysten Hill.

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If Sunday’s breakout is a sign of things to come, and not just a flash in the pan like some Oklahoma fans suggest (Gallimore has a history of sudden flashes in his career), then the Dallas Cowboys may have found one of their starting DTs for 2021. This is especially important because this offseason’s free agent class isn’t half as good as last season’s.

What’s also noteworthy is, before he was injured, Trysten Hill was also starting to flash potential this season. He wasn’t good, mind you, but he was better, and that’s more than any of us thought he’d realistically be. The way DT looks now is if Dallas can sign a veteran front-line starter, they may be in acceptable shape at DT1-DT3. Again, this is a far cry from where they were earlier in the season when it appeared they need a total rebuild at DT.

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Let’s pray this continues Cowboys fans because the Dallas Cowboys desperately need to shorten their offseason to-do list and if Neville Gallimore proves to be a real player, they just made things a lot easier on themselves.

  • Published on 11/10/2020 at 12:01 PM
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