Numbers Don’t Lie: Dallas Cowboys Resemble Actual NFL Team

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Dallas Cowboys: Numbers don’t lie

1 – The number of times this season the Cowboys have led at either 2-minute warning.  The Dallas Cowboys have had a few leads at halftime this season, but they only ever gain the lead under the two-minute warning (just like they gain their wins).  On Sunday night the Cowboys led until the clock hit 2:14.

46 – The amount of yards Pittsburgh rushed for.

Pittsburgh did the vast majority of their damage in the air (309 pass yards, 44 rushing yards), but Pittsburgh isn’t a bad rushing team.  Pittsburgh averages about 110 yards per game, but they were only able to get 2.6 yards per carry for the game.

Keep in mind that this is a Dallas Cowboys defense that surrenders 157 yards per game this season (2.5 yards away from being dead last in the league).  Any time your defense can cause an offense to produce about 1/3 of what they’re capable of, you’ve had a good day.

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46:45 – The amount of time the Cowboys led in the game.  Coming into the game the Dallas Cowboys had been in the lead a total of 40:21 all season.  There are several games this season where they have led for a grand total of ZERO seconds…including both their wins (what is happening??).

The Cowboys scored the first points of the game at the 3:55 mark of the first quarter.  Pittsburgh did not take the lead until the clock showed 2:14 in the fourth quarter.  For a team that only has two wins, and pulled those both out at the wire, this was incredible, especially given the opponent.

1 – The number of times Pittsburgh has scored less than 26 points this season.

Pittsburgh is currently 5th in the league at 29.4 points per game.  This Dallas Cowboys defense, led by hot seat candidate Mike Nolan, was able to hold them to a season-low 24 points.  That may not seem like a defensive accomplishment, but this defense looked pretty solid most of the night.

11:09 – The amount of time the Cowboys had the ball during the 3rd quarter.  The Cowboys had the ball for 11:09 in the 3rd quarter and gained 103 yards to the Steelers’ 48.  However, the Cowboys were only able to get two field goals during the quarter.

Also, most of the Steeler’s 3rd quarter yards came during their 75-yard touchdown drive that started in the 3rd and ended on the first play of the fourth.