Dallas Cowboys: 5 Most disappointing players at the bye

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Dallas Cowboys disappointment No. 4

Xavier Woods, SAF

Xavier Woods was supposed to break out this year and become the best homegrown safety in Dallas since Roy Williams. It’s pretty clear that ain’t happening.

Woods hasn’t been terrible this season (rated 31st in NFL) but he’s certainly not turning the corner in his development either. This season is Woods’ worst season as a pro. He’s struggled in the Dallas Cowboys new scheme and has been a visually disgruntled employee on the Dallas Cowboys payroll.

The Dallas Cowboys revolving door at cornerback and safety next to him isn’t doing him any favors but it doesn’t explain the missed tackles, blown coverages, and struggles in man coverage. Woods is playing poorly all on his own and has struggled to pick up the new scheme in Dallas that moves him into the box more often than in previous years.

Woods has been sloppy in his play, poor in his angles, and sometimes even an unwilling tackler. There’s no reason to retain him and frankly there’s no reason to keep him on the team. Is there anyone better behind him? Probably not but it’s possible his effort could infect the rest of the team and cutting him could be addition by subtraction in the long-run. See also Dontari Poe.

It’s probably worth letting him ride the season out just to see if he can turn things around. But his attitude seems to be moving in a negative direction and it’s hard to see anything improve until that changes.

His film will make your blood boil.