Dallas Mavericks: Draft and Trade Improved Defense x3

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The Dallas Mavericks used a trade and the NBA Draft to improve their defensive personnel three times over.

Depending you you listen to, the Dallas Mavericks had/have a handful of objectives on their offseason to-do list this autumn. While the exacts vary, something that all parties agree on is that the Mavs need to improve their defense.

Midway through the most exciting week of the NBA offseason, the Mavs did just that — times three. Dallas didn’t just pick up a promising young 3-and-D wing with their 18th pick when they selected Jeff Green, but they did it again when they traded for the defensive-minded veteran, Josh Richardson.

And in case anyone was still hesitant to check that box off their to-do list, the Dallas Mavericks addressed it a third time when they drafted another 3-and-D wing in Tyler Bey. All three additions are regarded as defensive minded players. All three have positional versatility. All three players combine to upgrade the Mavs team defense both now and in the long-term.

Josh Richardson is clearly the immediate upgrade the Mavs needed to make. He’s a Day 1 starter at SG and is a perfect complement to Luka since he can take the tougher match-up between PG and SG. The recently turned 27-year-old is under contract through this season and has a player option for a little over $11 million next year.

Josh Green is a hardnosed uber-athletic Australian wing who could develop into one of the better 3-and-D wings in the NBA. He didn’t light up the scoreboard in his one year at Arizona, but he took advantage of the opportunities given and his 36% shooting from behind the arch is something to build on.

Green probably won’t be an instant starter but he’s going to be a great role player in Year 1. His hustle and athleticism give him a high floor and high ceiling (something you always want in your first draft pick) and his ability to spot up from deep or drive hard to the basket fits what this offense is doing.

Finally we have Tyler Bey, Dallas’ last pick. At 22, Bey is long in the tooth for a rookie, but he brings a resume that Mavs fans should be excited about. Bey won the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year award last season. He led the league in rebound, finished top-5 in steals, and top-10 in blocked shots.

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Like Green, Bey is a long wing capable of defending a variety of spots. His 7-foot-1 reach is an asset defensively and on the boards. According to Synergy, Bey only allowed .48 points per possession on isolation. An impressive figure considering he was often matched up against the oppositions best scorer.

Both rookie wings boasted excellent free throw percentages, which indicate they have the skills needed to build on their already-solid shooting from deep. Both have abnormally long arms and both play well without the ball. Both contribute the exact things the Dallas Mavericks need next season.

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The Dallas Mavericks needed to improve their defense this week and they did just that through the trade market and with the draft.

  • Published on 11/19/2020 at 12:01 PM
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