Mavericks -NBA Scout on Tyrell Terry: “Drawing Curry – Trae Young comps”

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The Dallas Mavericks may have found the NBA’s next great shooter in rookie PG Tyrell Terry

Let’s be clear, if everyone agreed the Dallas Mavericks newest rookie Tyrell Terry was going to be the next Seth Curry or Trae Young, he wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did. Evaluating talent is an inexact science with an equal number of “misses” to go with the “hits.”

Players are often polarizing to scouts. One scout may love a player and another scout may not. Such is the case for many prospects – especially this years first pick in the second round, Tyrell Terry. But if anyone thinks a guy could be the next Seth Curry or Trae Young, you better take notice…

In case you’re unfamiliar, Tyrell Terry is the one-and-done point guard out of Stanford. Last season he averaged 14.6 points per game, shooting 44.1 from the field and 40.8 from beyond the arch. the 6-foot-2 shooter also somehow averaged 4.5 rebounds per game, displaying a special savvy and overall feel for the game.

The primary knock on him entering the draft was his build. At just 6-foot-2, 155lbs, Terry didn’t look big enough to withstand the rigors of professional basketball. But in the extended offseason, Terry addressed his size concerns and bulked up nearly 20 lbs. of good mass.

According to The Athletic, one NBA scout said this of Terry:

"“He’s drawing a lot of Steph Curry – Trae Young comparisons. I’m not saying he’s as good as those guys, but he’s got a real high ceiling as a shot maker.”"

Finding a strong outside shooter is especially important to the Mavs this season since they just traded away their best catch-and-shoot man, Seth Curry. Curry carved out a decent sized role with Dallas last season, averaging a little over 24 minutes per game and 12.4 points.

The Dallas Mavericks don’t need the rookie to pick up all of Curry’s slack since the man Curry was traded for, Josh Richardson averaged over 13 points last season playing 30 minutes per game.

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Besides, Dallas has a little offense to give, anyway. Last season they were the most efficient offense in NBA history, but towards the bottom of the league in defense. Trading Curry for a true 2-way guard was a good move to make and replacing Curry’s production from deep with Tyrell Terry helped make it all digestible.

Whoever plays for the Mavs this upcoming season is sure to get open looks. Luka Doncic‘s ability to penetrate, draw defenders, and facilitate teammates is what makes him special. He makes things easy for those around him. He also needs those around him to be able to execute when they have the opportunity.

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Tyrell Terry has been known to turn the ball over as a ball handler, so it’s going to take some time before Rick Carlisle puts him in position to be the lead ball handler on the second unit. But if he can be the shooter many scouts believe he is, he can carve out a huge role for Dallas this season and potentially be the steal of the draft.

  • Published on 11/19/2020 at 12:35 PM
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