Dallas Cowboys: This week’s game is pivotal for these three players

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Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

This week may not matter much for the 2-7 Dallas Cowboys but it’s pretty darn important for these three players…

Because this isn’t a “lost season” for everyone, after all. The Dallas Cowboys stand 2-7 in a season they were supposed to start 7-2. For fans, this season couldn’t end soon enough. The only thing that coud make this worse is if the Cowboys stubble into a few victories, win the division, and screw up their draft positioning.

But for the players, this matters a lot. Players are playing for their names, reputations, and future earnings. Some considerably more than others.

Here are three players who don’t just need to play well this season, but must be particular convincing this week. Their performance in Week 10 is critical to their future…

Andy Dalton, QB

A handful of weeks ago, an argument could be made Andy Dalton was the NFL’s best back-up quarterback.  Today, we’re wondering if he’s even the best back-up on the team. Last game, Garrett Gilbert undoubtedly outperformed Dalton as the Cowboys starting signal-caller.

Fans and analysts are scratching their heads at the Cowboys decision to wholeheartedly back the former Bengal over the guy who looked pretty durn good against the top defense in the NFL.

Dalton signed with Dallas for a reason. Dallas boasted the best WR corps in the league, an elite running game, and a top-5 offensive line. No one could have predicted the O-line would fall apart in epic fashion (taking the running game with it).

Dalton hoped he’d bide his time in Dallas and even possibly start a game in the NFL’s most potent offense. He hoped he’d build his value. He hoped he’d turn this experience into a shiny new deal with another team. If he plays poorly this Sunday, he stands to lose everything.

If Dalton can show out and secure the job, he has hope at another multi-year deal and starting gig. If he can’t, he’s doomed his future. This week is critical.