Dallas Cowboys: This week’s game is pivotal for these three players

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Dallas Cowboys Player No. 2

Chidobe Awuzie, CB

The man affectionately known as “Chido” is playing for his future as well. Up until now he’s been the answer to the question, “close but no cigar?” Much love to the late Alex Trebek, by the way.

Since being drafted in the second round of the 2017 draft, Chido has never collected more than one interception in a season, and in the two seasons that he started at least 14 games, he allowed over 700 yards against him both times.

Chidobe Awuzie has been a punching bag in Cowboys Nation over the years. Despite generally sticky coverage, Chido has found himself on the wrong side of highlight reels, time and time again. He’s had countless opportunities to make interceptions but appears to be naturally adverse to look for the ball.

Over the years, he’s improved as a player in Dallas, but the jury is out whether or not he’s top-2 CB on a contender. He’s been out nearly the entire season and is expected to make his return this week. How he plays down the stretch will go a long way in determining his future. Is he a player the Cowboys want to re-sign? Is he a player another team wants to invest in? Those questions are unanswered at this point and that’s why this week and the remaining games are so important for Chido.

Chido played both safety and cornerback in college, and many (me included) projected him as the former rather than the latter. At Colorado he lined up more snaps in the box as a safety/slot CB, and when he did play outside, he was best in off coverage facing the QB. It’s possible the Dallas Cowboys are just completely misusing him.

The front office is evaluating players each week and trying to determine who is part of the future and who needs to go. Chido doesn’t have much time to make his case…