Dallas Cowboys: Win or Lose the Dak Prescott Conversation Continues

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The Dallas Cowboys are teetering on a top-five pick or bottom twelve pick and either direction keeps the Dak conversation going, even though it shouldn’t.

A few weeks ago it looked like the Dallas Cowboys were an absolute lock to be one of the worst teams in the NFL, and thus having a top-five pick. After a win against the Vikings, and some helps from the rest of the NFC East, the Cowboys still have a shot at winning the division. Oddly, either way, the Cowboys go, the conversation of what Stephen will do with Dak Prescott is still an unknown.

The vast majority of Cowboys fans saw the Cowboys without Dak and realized just how much better the team was with him. This led to a huge consensus the Cowboys needed to sign Dak no matter what next season. Then, Stephen Jones kept bringing up the “salary cap” (intentionally used quotes because the cap is easily manipulated). Pairing this talk with a possible top-three pick there was a small group of fans that thought to build a complete team, the Cowboys should take a chance on a rookie quarterback if they were picking high enough.

While the merits of this thought process are fraught with logical holes, unknowns, and some selling of misinformation by the Joneses, it is out there and has been debated among the Cowboys faithful. However, we can put nothing past Stephen Jones and what he will do for his “cap space”. So even the most adamant of Dak fans have a shiver of fear creep up their spine just thinking that Stephen really could actually do the unthinkable.

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If the Cowboys start winning and end up winning the division and making the playoffs, there is a troubling thought as well. Stephen could use the Cowboys winning without Dak as a reason to not sign him. I know, it sounds crazy, but no one can honestly say Stephen wouldn’t do the unthinkable here as well. The fact we could actually see him letting Dak walk either way is why we are in this situation, to begin with.

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Dak is your best quarterback and gives you the best chance to win on Sundays. If anything this season has proved his worth, saying otherwise is frankly ridiculous. I think the Cowboys will sign Dak to a contract, and the conversation will pause. However, until he is signed the conversation will continue. Unfortunately, we are here, win, lose, or draw.

  • Published on 11/25/2020 at 12:01 PM
  • Last updated at 11/24/2020 at 10:22 AM