Dallas Cowboys: 5 Things to be thankful for

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2.  Dallas Cowboys coaching

Once an afterthought because of poor play calling, Dallas’ coaching staff has improved tremendously. Finally, head coach Mike McCarthy looks like the Super Bowl winning coach that used to break Dallas’ fans hearts repeatedly with the Grinch of Green Bay as the quarterback, known as Aaron Rodgers.

Big Mac came out of his shell and started coaching with some gumption. We saw it in the Steelers game when Dallas did a trick play on an kickoff return that went 90 yards and allowed Dallas to eventually score.

Although it was a special teams gadget play, it proved that Big Mac was not only trying to upset an undefeated Steelers team, but it set the tone for this team moving forward that losing is not an option. That Dallas will do whatever possible to win.

Hence, going for it on fourth down a few times in Vikings game. Period.

Against the Steelers, Big Mac didn’t hold Garret Gilbert’s hand as a game manager, but instead allowed Gilbert to play loose and sling it all over the field. Sure, Big Mac and offensive coordinator Kellen Moore had scripted plays to ease ole Gilly into his role, but at the same time, made Gilly feel comfortable enough to play with comfort.

That’s coaching. And ole Gilly played well enough to win without bad officiating negating it.

Also, it appears that Big Mac and Moore are now on the same page with this offense, and that was evident with Dallas’ balanced attack of rushing and passing in the Vikings game. Plus, it was Zeke’s first 100-yard rushing game of the season, and Pollard had a big day as well, rushing for 60 yards on five carries (Pollard an electric 42 yard touchdown.)

Using a balanced attack and getting Pollard more touches will only make Dallas’ offense more potent. With Big Mac and Moore on the same wavelength, defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has followed suit because now the defense is playing better, especially with forcing turnovers.

This is a blessing. And blessings are always come with good results.