Dallas Cowboys: 5 Things to be thankful for

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3. Dallas Cowboys Schedule

As much as Dallas’ fans want to grab a top-5 draft pick, its going to be hard for two reasons. Like I stated before, Dallas is too talented of a team to fall to the depths of the New York Jets and secure a number one/two draft pick. Secondly, Dallas has the easiest schedule in the NFL.

The Ravens are the only remaining opponent with a winning record. My goodness. Dallas has six games left against the Washington Team, the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, the Eagles, and New York Giants.

Because Dallas is playing its best football yet and improving each week, there is no reason why  Dallas can’t win the majority of its remaining games, if not all of them. Don’t look at me like that.

Team Washington is bad, the Ravens are unraveling, the Bengals no longer have Joe Burrow, the 49ers are below average, Jimmy Garoppolo is injury-prone/bad, the Eagles are a mess with a regressing quarterback, and the Giants are bad and inconsistent.

So wouldn’t this schedule be a gift? I think so. Even the fan that wants to see Dallas tank know its not going to happening because most of  Dallas’ remaining opponents are just awful. Add Dallas’ improved play, and Dallas can/will win more than five or six games.

I will go on record now and say that if Dallas beats Team Washington and the Ravens, they will win the rest of their games, finish 9-7, and win the NFC East crown.