Dallas Cowboys: 5 Things to be thankful for

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5. The Dallas Cowboys can still make the playoffs

As you can see, I’m in the camp that wants Dallas to win the NFC East, but I also believe Dallas will win the NFC East with more than five or six games because they have the talent to do it, too.

Yes, I’m aware that Dallas can win the division with an embarrassing five or six wins, but as I explained earlier, I expect them to win more than five/six games because they’re simpler a better team facing inferior opponents.

Although some fans don’t share that same belief, it doesn’t change what can happen if Dallas wins the NFC East with nine wins and competes in the playoffs. When the playoffs starts, anything is possible, and if Dallas stays on course, they could possibly win a game or two.

Don’t tell me they can’t do it because it happens all the time in the NFL  playoffs. For example, nobody saw the Tennessee Titans beating the New Patriots, Houston Texans, and facing the eventual Super Bowl Champions,  Kansas City Chiefs, in the 2019 AFC Championship game.

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And I mean nobody saw the Titans advancing that far.

It appears that all of the pieces are fitting together at the right time. Dallas is getting hot at the right moment, the “mantra” everyone loves to use when the playoffs start.

If Dallas is in the playoffs, they could possibly host the Seattle Seahawks or Arizona Cardinals, for example. Dallas has played both teams already, and the Seahawks defense is as statistically bad as Dallas’ defense. And Dallas’ defense is on the rise, whereas the Seahawks is declining faster than my debit card.

One game. Win or go home. Anything is possible.

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So Cowboys Nation you have a list of 5 things to be thankful for. But more importantly, all five of these things are possible and attainable.

Because one thing 2020 has shown us, is to expect the unexpected. And the Cowboys doing all of the above and then some would be an awesome example of thankfulness.