Dallas Cowboys: Stick a fork in them, they’re done

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The Dallas Cowboys most recent loss signals an end to to any possible hope for a turnaround.

Once again, the Dallas Cowboys found a way to lose in spectacular fashion on Thanksgiving Day. In their 41-16 loss to the Washington Football Team, they effectively closed the book on a possible late-season resurgence and forced a fanbase to come to terms with the true state of franchise.

Turns out turkey wasn’t the only thing that got cooked on Thanksgiving. The Dallas Cowboys made sure their goose was cooked thoroughly, as well. The spectacular loss dropped Dallas to the very bottom of the most embarrassing division in pro football. The team who, just days ago, looked primed to take the NFC East, now only has a 9% chance (according to five thirty eight‘s probability model) of making the postseason.

Speaking of “just days ago,” it was yours truly who just spoke of how Dallas Cowboys fans needed to come to to grips with the idea Dallas will be winning the division and earning a playoff spot. Since a first round loss is all but guaranteed, I said we need to accept that the Cowboys would probably be picking at 19 in the upcoming draft.

Well, I’m here to admit I was wrong. Sure the Cowboys still have the easiest remaining schedule in the conference. And sure they’re only 1.5 games back from first place. But no part of Thursday’s game made it look like Dallas has any interest in winning another game. The injuries continued to mount. The play continued to decline. And the decision-making continued to boggle minds.

This Dallas Cowboys team is a disaster.

That’s just soooo 2020 of them…

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So where do we go from here? Back to the place we were a couple weeks ago, I guess. When the Cowboys entered the bye, they were sitting 3rd in the draft order. Most of us turned our attention there. Next season is a healthy place to be for the emotionally damaged in Cowboys Nation. We should probably start looking there again.

As it stands now Dallas has the 4th pick in the NFL Draft. That’s about as high up as they can hope to be get since the three teams that are worse than them, are firmly worse than them.

Next season offers hope. Just getting the roster healthy makes this team contenders (as hard as that is to believe). Free agency and the draft are ways to improve on that talent infusion next year as well. That’s where I’ll be turning my attention to and I hope you will too.

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Yes, the Dallas Cowboys are still mathematically in this race for the NFC East and if you want hold onto that hope, by all means, do it. I, for one, just want the offseason to come.

  • Published on 11/27/2020 at 12:01 PM
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